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Web Humor: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 20 Most Hilariously Awkward Celebrity...
These stars were not really ready for their close ups.
Well, That's Awkward! These 25 Family Portraits...
Think you're posed to take the perfect family photo? Think again.
20 Portrait Tattoos That Went Hilariously Wrong
Ink is forever, people. Think about that before you go to a low-budge tattoo artist to get your commemorative
The 14 Funniest New Memes of 2014
Take a walk down meme-ory lane with me, won't you?
The 25 Best News Articles from 'The Onion'
A selection of the best articles from satirical online newspaper The Onion. Page One has the first 10 of the 25 selected.
10 Funny Web Memes That Made Us LOL in 2015
It all started with one terrible photo of singer Demi Lovato. In October 2015, Tumblr user cstcrpt, whose
20 of the Funniest People Ever Spotted On A...
And you thought your morning commute was bad.
The Absolute Best Selfies of 2014
Look no further, here are the ten funniest self portraits of the year.
Valentine's Day Humor You'll Love
Check out 10 LOL Valentine's Day Humor Links You'll Love!
These 20 Terrible Real Estate Photos Will Make...
These real estate agents must have lost their minds if they think these awful photos are going to help sell houses.
18 Funny Memes From Super Bowl 50
Funny memes about Super Bowl 50, featuring Beyonce, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, the Denver Broncos, the Carolina Panthers, and our old friend Left Shark.
5 Hilarious Fake News Sites
Don't believe everything you read.
Top 5 Funny Sites to Read Every Day
Five funny sites that will get your day off to an hilarious start!
The Best 4/20 Weed Jokes
A collection of weed jokes for 4/20.
20 People Who Are Doing It Wrong
Doing what? Everything. They're doing everything wrong.
Meet the 20 Funniest Celebrities on Twitter
The 20 funniest celebrities on Twitter, page one
15 of the Funniest Hashtags of All Time
These are the 15 most #hilarious hashtags ever!
50 Funny (and Clean!) St. Patrick's Day Jokes...
A list of the funniest St. Patrick's Day jokes you can tell while bellied-up to the bar.
5 Absolutely Hilarious Amazon Reviews
Sometimes those Amazon product reviews get... interesting.
Funny Valentine's Day and Romantic Videos
All the best funny Valentine's Day and Romantic comedy videos are right here. What are you waiting for? Get in here!
You'll Laugh Out Loud to the 20 Funniest...
A list of the 20 funniest Webcomics on the Internet, with descriptions of each comic.
What Did They Say? 20 Hilarious Closed Caption...
Usually closed captions are really helpful... but sometimes those subtitles get a little garbled in translation, resulting in hilarious fails.
4 Of The Funniest 4chan Pranks
Check out four of the funniest pranks ever pulled off by 4chan trolls and pranksters.
The Greatest Insults Found In The Urban...
Think this article is lame? Well SIYF.
The 15 Best Funny Wedding Dance Videos Ever
15 of the funniest, most viral wedding dance videos ever made.
10 Hilarious TV News Bloopers
10 Most Popular Funny News Bloopers on YouTube
Valentine's Day Ecard Maker
Doodle your own Valentine email greeting card and add a message.
10 Funniest Bad Lip Readings
Read my lips: This is funny stuff!
20 Hilariously Awkward Family Christmas Photos
Sometimes the holidays bring out the best (and weirdest) in people.
Hands Down, These Are The Most Hysterically...
During their senior year of high school, students are allowed to take a few liberties and express their
20 of The Best of Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities...
MUST WATCH: Liam Neeson, Jeff Bridges, Justin Bieber, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry and more celebs read really mean tweets about themselves. Aw.
20 of the Funniest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ever...
Behold! Twenty ridiculously awesome Christmas sweaters that will fit right in at your annual Ugly Sweater Party.
18 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Want To...
Suddenly spinsterhood doesn't sound so bad....
10 Seriously Funny Shred Videos On YouTube
Your favorite musicians giving their WORST performance ever!
6 Of The Funniest Dancing Kids That You'll Ever...
These kids can bust a move with the best of 'em.
When it comes to funny memes, Super Bowl 49 did...
The Super Bowl is always a good time, and the halftime show in particular always provides good fodder
The 15 Funniest Harry Potter "Yo Mama" Jokes
Harry Potter 'Yo mama' jokes that are so good, they're practically magical.
25 of the WORST Celebrity Photoshop Fails of...
Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and many more celebrities get seriously botched Photoshop a lot! Here are the best of the worst.
Top 10 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Comedies
The legendary comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis filmed 16 successful movies together. Here are the top 10.
The Simpsomaker
Make your own cartoon character for The Simpsons with this online time killer toy.
Oops! 20 Totally Inappropriate Ad Placement Fails
These signs take on a whole new meaning when placed in the wrong spot!
15 Funny Animal Videos That Will Brighten Your...
15 funny animal video clips guaranteed to brighten your day.
Nailed it! 20 Hilarious Christmas Craft FAILS
Hey, at least they tried. A for Effort... F for Execution.
The Top 20 Viral Kids Videos
The 20 viral videos that are incredibly popular and suitable for kids.
Funny Inspirational and Motivational Quotes and...
A giggling grab bag of humor, filled with ''funny quotes, inspirational and motivational quotes, quotes for leadership, self-development, training, writing and speeches, love, life and humour.''
Top 10 Jerry Lewis Comedy Movies (The Films...
Jerry made dozens of his solo films after splitting from partner Dean Martin. Here are his best.
20 Parents Who Are Awful at Text Messaging
Mom and dad are still getting the hang of texting, but at least they're trying!
17 Signs That Prove That Font Choice Is Important
This post is NSFW if your boss objects to faux (sort-of) curse words.
25 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Belong In The...
Meet twenty five kids who are going to go far in life (if their yearbook quotes are any indication),
The Most Epic Celebrity Selfies Of All Time
2013 is the year of the selfie, and these stars are showing us how it's done.
Top 10 Most Hilarious Jenna Marbles Videos
YouTuber Jenna Marbles brings the funny with a new video every Wednesday. Here are 10 of her greatest viral moments to date.
Top 10 Pink Panther / Inspector Clouseau...
Ranking the Inspector Jacques Clouseau Pink Panther crime comedies, most written and directed by Blake Edwards and starring Peter Sellers, plus newcomer Steve Martin. Some are in the pink, some not.
15 Hilarious Signs Spotted At The Zoo
Who knew zoos could be such funny places?
15 Funny Signs That Are Way More Confusing Than...
15 funny signs with conflicting messages that are more confusing than helpful.
The 14 Types of Drunk People You'll Meet on New...
Their names may vary, but these people show up at every NYE party.
10 Super-Funny Vine Users Worth Following
These creative folks are making hilarious six-second videos on Vine.
The 13 Most Hilarious Screaming Goat Videos
Here are 13 of the funniest screaming goat videos to ever hit the web.
Happy Thanksgiving! Here Are 20 Super Funny...
Have a good laugh while you're hiding from your relatives this Thanksgiving. You can thank me later.
15 LOL Instagram Accounts You Should Follow
Spice up your photo feed with help from these hilarious Instagramers.
The Oatmeal Profile
Explaining things you didn't even know needed explaining.
20 Funny Thrift Store Finds You'll Want To Buy...
One man's trash is another man's treasure! These are twenty of the weirdest, most hilarious items ever found at your local thrift shop.
12 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies
Further proof that you look dumb taking selfies. Please stop.
Awkward Family Photos Site Profile
A profile of the popular photo and meme site, AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com
Hey There, Pajama Kid! Plus Meet Other Funny...
His mom mixed up Pajama Day with Picture Day; hilarity ensued.
5 Adorable Babies Going Bonkers Over Their...
Watch as these sweet babies go absolutely nuts over their favorite pop songs.
The 20 Best Celebrity Memes (So Far!)
A run down of the funniest celebrity memes to have ever hit the web.
15 Super Funny Web Comics You Should Start...
Add these 15 funny web comics to your reading list right now!
20 Funny Animals Who Think They're People
Meet 20 funny animals who are pretty sure they're actually human beings.
10 Most Famous Animal Photobombs On The Internet
Check out the ten most famous animal-bombs to ever hit the web.
Cheers! Check Out These 20 Very Funny...
Funny bar signs? I'll drink to that.
These Lost And Found Pet Posters Are So Funny,...
Some of these folks may not know what a dog or a cat actually looks like.
Funny Pick-Up Lines
Fine sources of dating pickup lines and ice breakers for your fondling pleasure
Funniest iPhone Keyboard Shortcut Pranks
A collection of hysterical iPhone shortcut pranks. Page 5.
35 of the Funniest (And Weirdest!) Botched...
Panorama shots are super cool... until they go wrong. Then they become freakishly awesome!
40 People Doing Funny, Freaky Stuff With Statues
Why pose with a statue? Because it's there!
'Game of Thrones' Humor
Popular show? Bring on the memes.
15 Weird And Awkward Selfies That Will...
From funerals pics to bathroom shots, these are the most cringeworthy self-portraits ever!
The 15 Funniest Harry Potter Spoofs
JK Rowling's beloved children's book series Harry Potter is hugely popular, so It's no surprise that
The 20 Most Viral Videos Ever
A list detailing the Top 20 Viral Videos of All Time
18 Face Swaps That Gave Us The Giggles (And...
Well, that was unexpected. Web Humor.

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