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Web Humor: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
15 Family Portraits Gone Fantastically,...
Think you're posed to take the perfect family photo? Think again.
20 Delusional Dudes Who Are Living The Dream...
These wannabe players aren't fooling anybody.
12 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies
Further proof that you look dumb taking selfies. Please stop.
10 Awesome Photobombs Gone Hilariously Wrong
Photobombing is an art form, but sometimes things don't go exactly as planned.
24 Hilarious Pics Of People Posing With Statues
Why pose with a statue? Because it's there. Duh.
The 25 Best News Articles from 'The Onion'
A selection of the best articles from satirical online newspaper The Onion. Page One has the first 10 of the 25 selected.
11 Very Naughty Trees That Should Probably Put...
These trees look a lot like human parts. Naked human parts.
5 Hilarious Fake News Sites
Don't believe everything you read.
15 People Who Are Terrible At Giving High Fives
These people want to be cool, but miss the mark a bit.
10 Super Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For 2014
This Halloween, get creative with these 10 pop culture inspired web meme costumes.
This Day in Humor - Comedy Calendar - Humor...
This Day in Humor shares events and humor trivia and celebrity birthdays from today in comedy history
Todays Comics A-D - Current Newspaper Cartoons...
Humor Today Comics offers easy access to the cartoons and comic strips appearing in today's newspaper editions
You'll Laugh Out Loud to the 20 Funniest...
A list of the 20 funniest Webcomics on the Internet, with descriptions of each comic.
The Best 4/20 Weed Jokes
A collection of weed jokes for 4/20.
10 Super-Funny Vine Users Worth Following
These creative folks are making hilarious six-second videos on Vine.
#10 #Funniest #Hashtags of #2013
A review of the most #hilarious hashtag campaigns of 2013.
10 Most Awkward (We're Talking Really Bad)...
From funerals pics to bathroom shots, these are the most cringeworthy self-portraits ever!
20 Hilariously Freaked Out 'Nightmares Fear...
BRB, just have to change my underwear....
Awkward Family Photos Site Profile
A profile of the popular photo and meme site, AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com
Meet the 20 Funniest Celebrities on Twitter
The 20 funniest celebrities on Twitter, page one
5 Funny People To Follow On Instagram
Add some humor to your Instagram feed by following these five funny users.
4 Of The Funniest 4chan Pranks
Check out four of the funniest pranks ever pulled off by 4chan trolls and pranksters.
10 Hilarious TV News Bloopers
10 Most Popular Funny News Bloopers on YouTube
Top 5 Funny Sites To Read Every Day
Five funny sites that will get your day off to an hilarious start!
Funny Pick-Up Lines
Fine sources of dating pickup lines and ice breakers for your fondling pleasure
Disgusted Travelers Get Revenge With 'Passenger...
When it comes to flying, shirts and shoes are definitely required.
Top 25 Photoshop Disasters of 2013
Missing limbs, sloppy graphics, and outrageous proportions -- what a year!
What's Your Pokéname - Pokémon...
What's Your Pokéname?   More Funny Sites •  This Collection's Menu •  Recent Picks •  Main Archive  
30 of the Funniest Botched Panorama Photos Ever
Panorama shots are cool until they go wrong, and then they're amazing.
The Best Photobombs From The 2013 Emmy Awards
The Best Photobombs From The 2013 Emmy Awards
Top 10 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Comedy Movies
The superlative comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis filmed 16 successful movies together - We pick the top 10
The Oatmeal Profile
Explaining things you didn't even know needed explaining.
Funniest Celebrity Photobombs
When you have your photo taken for a living, sometimes things get... weird.
Furniture Porn - Humor Erotica
Furniture Porn is a photo gallery of humorous erotica with hot lawn chairs
10 Funniest Bad Lip Readings
Read my lips: This is funny stuff!
Funny Inspirational and Motivational Quotes and...
A giggling grab bag of humor, filled with ''funny quotes, inspirational and motivational quotes, quotes for leadership, self-development, training, writing and speeches, love, life and humour.''
The Top 20 Viral Kids Videos
The 20 viral videos that are incredibly popular and suitable for kids.
Top 10 Pink Panther / Inspector Clouseau...
Ranking the Inspector Jacques Clouseau Pink Panther crime comedies, most written and directed by Blake Edwards and starring Peter Sellers, plus newcomer Steve Martin. Some are in the pink, some not.
Our 10 Favorite Wedding Dance Videos
A list of the 10 best wedding dance videos online.
5 Creative Dads Who Rock at Photoshop
Meet five cool dads who took their family photos to a whole 'nother level of funny. #photoshop
iPhone's 'Keyboard Shortcut' Feature Makes For...
Here's how to prank someone using iPhone's keyboard shortcut feature.
10 Worst Celebrity Photoshop Disasters Ever
Sometimes Photoshop does more harm than good.
Top 10 Jerry Lewis Comedy Movies (The Films...
The Top 10 Jerry Lewis Comedy Movies chosen from dozens of his solo films -- without Dean Martin -- made during the glory days when Jerry was the biggest star in motion pictures
15 Funniest Celebs Reading Mean Tweets
Not all Twitter followers are friendly fans. In fact, some are downright mean.
7 Unintentionally Funny Celebrity Instagram...
Meet seven celebs who are hilarious, whether they know it or not.
5 Funniest Readings of "50 Shades of Grey"
Today the internet is buzzing over the release of the new trailer for the movie version of  Fifty Shades
Todays Comics E-L - Current Newspaper Cartoons...
Humor Todays Comics offers easy access to the cartoons and comic strips appearing in todays newspaper editions
Best New Memes of 2013 (So Far)
A look at the funniest new memes to hit the web early in 2013
The 20 Most Viral Videos Ever
A list detailing the Top 20 Viral Videos of All Time
Top 10 Funny Scary Movies
Chillers with chuckles -- That is the way to define this list of the Top 10 Funny Scary Movies. Humor Guide Mike Durrett has lived to share his tales of classic and contemporary spooky comedy flicks.
Busted! Stars Caught Photoshopping Instagram...
Oops! These stars all got caught 'shopping. Photoshopping, that is.
5 Totally Epic Selfie Fails
Five hilarious selfies that went so wrong, they became EPIC.
10 Most Famous Animal Photobombs On The Internet
Check out the ten most famous animal-bombs to ever hit the web.
Horrible Taxidermy Is Both Cringeworthy And...
While admittedly slightly unsettling, terrible taxidermy is undoubtedly funny stuff!
Funniest Shred Videos on YouTube
What if your favorite songs were redone with terrible (but hilarious) audio? Here's a list of five of our favorites.
This Day in Humor - October 17 - Humor History
This Day in Humor - october 17 - Events in humor history - comedy trivia - celebrity birthdays
Hilarious Photoshop Trolls
photoshop-troll-hand. Web Humor.
Cracked.com Profile
A profile of the popular humor site Cracked.
The Most Epic Celebrity Selfies Of All Time
2013 is the year of the selfie, and these stars are showing us how it's done.
This Day in Humor - October 20 - Humor History
This Day in Humor - october 20 - Events in humor history - comedy trivia - celebrity birthdays
5 Insane Christmas Lights Videos
A breakdown of the 5 most insane Christmas Lights videos online.
Why Nicolas Cage Wins The Internet
You don't say? Web Humor.
This Day in Humor - October 16 - Humor History
This Day in Humor - october 16 - Events in humor history - comedy trivia - celebrity birthdays
Naked News Site Profile
A profile of the popular website Naked News.
The Funniest Single Topic Blogs
A collection of the funniest single topic funny blogs.
5 Celebrities Twitpics That Will Make You Cringe
Meet 5 stars who exposed more than they meant to on Twitter.
10 Funniest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails
Everybody is dumping ice water over their heads for charity this summer, but sometimes things don't go as planned!
The 8 Funniest Online Communities
A collection of the 8 funniest online communities
5 Stars Who Were Discovered By The Internet
These five superstars all have the Internet to thank for their fame.
The 13 Funniest Harry Potter Comedy Videos Online
A list breaking down the 13 funniest Harry Potter themed comedy videos online, including Harry Potter Puppet Pals.
Happy (Funny) Halloween!
Exploring the funny side of America's scariest holiday
This Day in Humor - October 21 - Humor History
This Day in Humor - october 21 - Events in humor history - comedy trivia - celebrity birthdays
15 Funny Definitions on Urban Dictionary
In the evolution of internet slang, sometimes things go awry. Here's my list of 15 very funny definitions on Urban Dictionary right now.
The 15 Funniest Harry Potter "Yo Mama" Jokes
The best ways to burn someone's mama at Hogwarts.
This Day in Humor - October 15 - Humor History
This Day in Humor - october 15 - Events in humor history - comedy trivia - celebrity birthdays
The Funniest Disney Princess Parody Videos
Making fun of Snow White, Jasmine, Belle and the gang has never been this funny!
Funniest iPhone Keyboard Shortcut Pranks
A collection of hysterical iPhone shortcut pranks. Page 5.
The Greatest Insults Found In The Urban...
Think this article is lame? Well SIYF.
Bad Ads: 10 Hilarious Photoshop Fails In...
Ad campaigns can go terribly, hilariously wrong with a little help from Photoshop.
5 Hilarious "Texts From A" Blogs
Sometimes the funniest text messages come from unlikely sources.
Todays Comics R-Z - Current Newspaper Cartoons...
Humor Todays Comics offers easy access to the cartoons and comic strips appearing in todays newspaper editions
Photoshop Trolling: Hilarious Bait and Switch...
Photoshop is a great tool, especially when it comes to trolling unsuspecting people.
Top 10 Jerry Seinfeld Collectibles and Gifts
Top Jerry Seinfeld Collectibles and Gifts include books and standup comedy recordings and videos - Here are some recommendations and pricing tips
10 Hilarious Yelling Goats Videos
As weird as it may sound, goats are having a moment on the internet.
10 Ground-Breaking Female Comedians
The humor world would not be the same without these trailblazers.
10 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Mistakes, Part 1
Meet ten stars who embarrassed themselves in 140 characters or less.
The 10 Most Popular YouTube Humor Clips Of All...
Check out the 10 most-watched comedy clips ever uploaded to YouTube.
Funniest Valentine's Day Humor
Celebrate Valentine's (or Singleness Awareness) Day with humor.
Bob and Tom: The Bob and Tom Show
Listen online to The Bob and Tom Show, nationally-syndicated comedy talk. Bob and Tom Oddities with funny pictures and text humor are also featured.
The Month's Funniest Animals: January 2014
Talking dogs, real-life doge memes, and adorable baby lambs round out this month's best animal memes on the web.
Todays Comics M-Q - Current Newspaper Cartoons...
Humor Todays Comics offers easy access to the cartoons and comic strips appearing in todays newspaper editions
Site Profile: The Superficial
If you like your celebrity gossip with a healthy dose of snark, The Superficial is the site for you.
Site Profile: Why They're Single
Here's a site that catalogs all of the best WORST online dating profiles, photos, and chat sessions.
Saturday Night Live Transcripts - SNL TV Comedy...
A huge resource of comedy from the long-running late-nite sketch TV series.
The People Behind The Memes: Where Are They Now?
We all know their faces, but what are they up to in real life?
5 Funny YouTube Channels
Check out five very funny video channels that you should subscribe to on YouTube.
The Best Photobombs of 2013
Here are the fifteen absolute funniest photobombs from 2013.  Enjoy! 1. Kim and Kanye, Plus Some Guy,
Spot the Fake Smile
A visual quiz from the BBC to test your insight.
Top 10 Christmas and New Year's Comedy Mov...
Our favorites holiday film comedy classics to watch during Christmas and New Year celebrations -- or to bring back the wacky season all year long
The Simpsomaker
Make your own cartoon character for The Simpsons with this online time killer toy.
15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes We Wish We'd...
The children are our future. Be afraid.
30 of the Greatest Fail Videos
A list featuring 30 of the best nutshots, faceplants, spills and screw-ups.
Top 100 Best Dumping Lines
Everyone is interested in pickup lines to open the door to a new boyfriend or girlfriend, but how do you get rid of the losers? Memorize this list.
Here Are The 3 Funniest Parodies of Iggy...
Iggy Azalea's pop hit is the newest song to get hilariously spoofed.
6 Royal Photobombs That Totally Rule
Everybody is photobombing these days, even the Queen of England!
Top 10 Funny Viral Video Classics
Favorite humorous video clips enjoyed by About Humor readers, including Lazy Sunday, Dancing Dog, Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and the Star Wars Kid.
Middle-Earth Multi-Name Generators - The Lord...
Discover ye new old monikers with these Middle-Earth Multi-Name Generators - as in The Lord of the Rings - Your Orkish - Elven - Dwarven - Hobbit names
People of Walmart Profile
Weird people getting fantastic deals.
St. Patrick's Day Jokes
Short jokes -- for leprechauns -- and longer stories teasing the Irish.
The Laugh Player - Streaming Audio - Adult...
''The Laugh Player'' streams hours of adult comedy recordings, powered by Laugh.com. Explicit uncensored content.
Spring 2013 Meme Round-Up
A collection of the funniest newest memes to hit the web in Spring 2013.
10 Hilarious Fashion Photoshop Fails
These famous fashion brands are guilty of hilariously bad Photoshop.
Shoebox Greetings - Maxine - Hallmark Cards -...
Shoebox Cards, the snottier Hallmark greeting cards, are available free online.
Cinderella by Jack Ross - Cinderell and Her...
Read the transcript and hear a portion of the hilarious Jack Ross spoonerism of Cinderella and Her Sisty Uglers
10 Most Famous Cats On The Internet, Part 1
From Nyan Cat to Grumpy Cat, meet ten of the greatest feline celebrities ever.
About Humor Feature Articles - The Master Lists
This way to the most complete About Humor listings of recent features and previous articles, bursting with more than 4000 pages of original content and comedy recommendations.
Bill Murray: Effortless Internet Icon
How the famous funny man became a web superstar without even trying.
The 25 Best College Humor Videos
The 25 best original videos from collegehumor.com.
Liberty Meadows Uncensored Comic Strips - Frank...
Numerous previously censored Liberty Meadows comic strip episodes may now be seen
What Is The Onion?
A profile of the humor site The Onion.
Well Hello There, Ridiculously Handsome...
Meet the internet's newest crush, College Football's Ridiculously Handsome Running Back.
8 Hilarious Christmas Raps
Three Kings bearing gold teeth, frank nonsense and mirth.
Top 10 Scary Movie Comedies
The Top 10 Scary Movie Comedies are our recommendations for all-humorous flicks with horror touches.
50 Funny, Terrible and Terribly Funny Tattoos
Pictures of people who are hoping laser removal prices go down.
This Day in Humor - October 19 - Humor History
This Day in Humor - october 19 - Events in humor history - comedy trivia - celebrity birthdays
Top 5 Humor Books Based On Blogs
Our five favorite books that were derived from websites
File Under: Funny 'Cause It's True
Amy's Baking Company Steals Tips. Page 3.
Tombstone Generator - Chisel Your Epitaph
What could be more fun than inscribing your own tombstone? Now you can with this online tool.
Best Amy's Baking Company Memes
Best Amy's Baking Company Memes
10 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Mistakes, Part 2
10 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Mistakes, Part 2
10 Hilarious Webcomic Sites
10 of the funniest webcomics you should be reading.
This Day in Humor - October 18 - Humor History
This Day in Humor - october 18 - Events in humor history - comedy trivia - celebrity birthdays
What is 4chan?
This image-based web bulletin board is legendary. Here's why.
5 Funny Pinterest Boards To Follow
Add some humor to your Pinterest feed with these five funny boards.
Site Profile: Photoshop Disasters
A site profile about PS Disasters.com
Welcome To The Meme Circuit, Pajama Kid!
His mom mixed up Pajama Day with Picture Day; hilarity ensued.
5 Incredible Iranian Break Dance Videos
A collection of Iranian dance videos.
Funniest Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" Parodies
The internet reacts to Miley's latest attention grabbing video.
Animals Making Funny Faces
People aren't the only ones who make funny faces!
The 20 Best Comedy Podcasts
A summary of the funniest podcasts, free and ready for download.
5 Absolutely Hilarious Amazon Reviews (NSFW)
Sometimes those Amazon product reviews get... interesting... and hilarious!
The Ultimate List of Stupid Names - Silly Names
''The Ultimate List of Stupid Names'' is a lengthy compilation of ridiculous monikers. Got that, Colin Allcars?
Screw You, Internet!
Amy's Baking Company Screw You Internet. Page 4.
10 Most Hilarious Celebrity Memes
Sad Keanu, Unflattering Beyonce, Strutting Leo, and more!
Top 5 Free Web Humor Apps
Get your laughs on-the-go with these five great humor apps.
10 Most Famous Cats On The Internet, Part 2
10 Most Famous Cats On The Internet, Part 2
PrankBot sends pre-written practical joke messages to your targets via email.
20 Recut Movie Trailers You Have To See
Final Cut, a music library, and 120 minutes of footage = Any movie you want to see.
Hipster Puppies Site Profile
A profile of the site Hipster Puppies, featuring photos of dogs in the latest Hipster Fashions.
Reintroducing The Argyle Sweater
Here's an hilarious comic strip that you should know about, but probably don't.
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