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Lucid TV Site Profile


Lucid TV Site Profile image courtesy of Lucid TV
Website: http://www.lucid-tv.com
Monthly Traffic: 7,291 visitors (as of 11/23/09)
Description: a darkly funny webcomic about a group of misbehaving doctors
Similar Websites: http://www.drmcninja.com/, http://pbfcomics.com/

What's "Lucid TV"?:

Lucid TV is the brainchild of cartoonists John Keogh, David Rothlein and Ross Hutchinson Armstrong. It is a dark trip into the nether regions of the fields of humor and medicine. Though there isn't a specific story-line stretching throughout the entire series, the strip follows the doctors who work at the Jim Belushi Memorial Hospital as they see patients, socialize and do really, really awful stuff. It's gallows humor set in a hospital instead of a morgue.

Why Should You Read "Lucid TV"?:

If you're a fan of dark humor found on Adult Swim shows and Family Guy, Lucid TV is most likely the perfect webcomic for you. But trust me, it's even darker than those nearly pitch-black TV comedies. You've been warned!

Best of "Lucid TV":

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