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Sinfest Profile

By Dave Mellisy

Sinfest Profile
Image courtesy of Sinfest
Website: http://www.sinfest.net/
Monthly Traffic: 152,581 visitors (as of 05/2010)
Description: A cutely drawn webcomic with a dark side
Similar Websites: Zombie Nation, Three Panel Soul, Nedroid

What is "Sinfest"?:

Sinfest deals with issues of morality and theology, but in a charming, completely unserious way. Despite characters' frequent run-ins with literal incarnations of God, Jesus, the Devil and Buddha, characters pretty much drift through life aimlessly the same way we do.
The comic is drawn in a manga-like art style, but don't worry; it's read left to right. The cuteness of the drawings belies the baseness of the characters, though. For example, an adorably rendered pig-man who does little but smoke weed and watch sports. Or a cute little kitty who lives only to alternatively antagonize and ignore everybody around him. Well, I guess that one is pretty true to life.

Best of "Sinfest":

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