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Nedroid Site Profile


photo courtesy of Nedroid.com
Website: http://nedroid.com
Monthly Traffic: 34,312 visitors (as of 11/30/09)
Description: a funny and broadly appealing daily webcomic that follows the adventures of a talking bear and a talking bird
Similar Websites http://www.daisyowl.com/, http://dieselsweeties.com, http://www.overcompensating.com

What Is "Nedroid"?:

Nedroid is a daily-updated webcomic by cartoonist Anthony Clark (who goes by the pseudonym Nedroid... go figure!) The comic is somewhat serialized, in that it follows the adventures of Bearato (a bear) and his friend Reginald (a bluebird). But the humor of the strips, while enriched by the familiarity of the characters, doesn't rely on any prior knowledge of plots or narratives; it's just really funny stuff.

Why Should You Read "Nedroid"?:

It's rare when you can read just about any strip of a webcomic that's been publishing daily since 2005 and laugh. Nedroid is just that good, though. It's simply one of the best webcomics being published right now. And on top of that, what's even more rare is that the humor, more or less, is family-friendly. Visit and bookmark Nedroid today!

Best of "Nedroid":

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