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AppleGeeks Profile

By Dave Mellisy

AppleGeeks Profile
Image courtesy of AppleGeeks
Website: http://www.applegeeks.com/
Monthly Traffic: 68,729 visitors (as of 05/2010)
Description: An eccentric Apple fan, his android and his friends go on crazy tech-fueled adventures
Similar Websites: Overcompensating, Questionable Content, Axe Cop

What is "AppleGeeks"?:

AppleGeeks is not quite what you'd expect from the title. A very low percentage of the comics actually deal with Apple, iPhones, Macs, or iTunes. An even lower percentage include actual delicious apples. There is no shortage of geekiness, though. That part is as-advertised. Strips are generally in full color and page-sized, with layouts and art styles more akin to comic books than comic strips and long-running plots. Although the series started as a fairly straightforward depiction of geeks in college, doin' geeky stuff in a collegiate environment, over time more fantastical elements were added in.

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