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Virtual Toys and Simulators

Computers can do anything, as these Virtual Toys and Simulators demonstrate.
Ms. Dewey
Ms. Dewey is an interactive search engine featuring a comical hostess.
Virtual Tickle Me Elmo
Tickle big TV star Elmo anytime it pleases you, from Sesame Street online.
Make any photo dumber with the digital ZingFu funny pictures enhancer.
Hetemeel Customizable Dynamic Images - Funny Pictures
Alter photographs of Albert Einstein, Uncle Sam, and Harry Potter's Professor Dumbledore with funny text. Rewrite the dictionary, too.
Family Guy Presents Stewie Live - Subservient Stewie
Command ''Family Guy's'' Stewie Griffin to fill your desires with this subservient Stewie controller, but he's not going to be happy about it.
Britney Spears Breast Pump, The
Messages from wise crackers.
Day After -- Virtual Hangover, The
Strap yourself in, here we go ...
Dig & Draw - Virtual Etch A Sketch-Style Toy
Play in the snow with a virtual shovel.
Elvis - Vox Regis - Voice of the King
Speak to Mr. Presley with this online Ouija board.
Grimacing ShatnerClock, The
It's time to shut down the computer and go take a nap.
Happy 4th of July -- Create Your Own Fireworks Show
Virtual fireworks display. Web site may be disabled until further notice.
Internet Pizza Server
Mmmmm, mouth-watering email pizza, delivered in 30 minutes or it's spam.
Loves Me ... Loves Me NOT!
Be still my beating heart, it's corny flower plucking online!
Online Etch A Sketch
Wanna come up to my hard drive and see my etchings?
A virtual pumpkin goes bad.
Scratch records, change beats, make beautiful music together -- you and your mouse.
Virtual Boss, The
Virtual Caffeine Jolt
Mmmm, this is good coffee -- like putting your head in a paint mixer.
Virtual Design Voodoo Doll
When you care enough to send the very worst -- email voodoo dolls.
Virtual Heckler
You moron.
Virtual Macaroni Art
Ever imagined chucking cosmetics for facial pasta?
Virtual Plague
Email something vile. It's tacky terrorism. Note: Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties.
Virtual Smoke Break
Enjoy a cigarette online.
Virtual Tickle Me Elmo
Sure, Elmo, just as soon as my talons grow back.
Virtual Vomit Page, The
Care for a virtual after dinner mint? Note: It grieves me to tell you this site might not be available due to server problems.
Virtual Yes Man
Yes! You are correct, sir and/or madam! Feel better fast with this phony's empty praise.
William Shatner Acting Simulator
SimShatner, the virtual thespian.
Instant Voodoo
As seen on TV commercials for Progressive, name a virtual voodoo doll, then inflict pliers, fire, and smiley face stick pins upon it. Still not enough fun? Email it.
Virtual Nose Hair Plucker
I think Nostrildamus predicted this site. Pesky, long, curly proboscis hairs are popping out all over at "Nobody Here." Grab the tweezers and yank! And don't let me catch you with your finger up your monitor.
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