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Viral Videos


This is your one-stop-shop for finding the best, funniest viral videos on the web!
  1. Videos So Catchy, They've Gone Viral
  2. Parodies & Spoofs

Videos So Catchy, They've Gone Viral

What's a "viral video?" Simply put, it's a video clip that gets passed from web user to web user, gaining popularity until it has spread all around the global internet... like a virus. Any video can go viral, from purposely-made spoofs and parodies, to music videos, to an accidentally-hilarious clip of some dad getting kicked in the crotch by his toddler. You just never know what people will find funny and share with their friends!

Check out some of the all time greatest videos below.

Parodies & Spoofs

This section of the site is devoted to the satirical imitation of some of our most beloved pop culture trends. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

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