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The 10 Best Wedding Dance Videos


With the advent of cheap video equipment and fast Internet connections, it seems every moment in our lives is fodder for the next viral video hit. Something as traditional as a wedding is, shockingly enough, no different. From the wedding procession to the married couple's first dance, no moment, it seems, is too sacred to be lightened up with something really funny (that can be filmed and broadcast on the web). These 10 videos show how when it comes to levity at a wedding, the best approach is to just dance!

1. JK Wedding Entrance Dance

JK Wedding entrance dance
photo courtesy of YouTube
With over 27 million views on YouTube (as of 10/12/09), the viral video JK Wedding Entrance Dance is the most watched wedding dance video of all time. The impeccably well choreographed video features the bride and groom, Jill and Kevin, and their entire wedding party doing a highly stylized hip-hop dance down the aisle to the sounds of R&B singer Chris Brown's 2008 single "Forever." Thanks to roughly 20 or so members of the wedding party and their near-perfect dance moves, this video not only made Jill and Kevin viral video sensations but basically gave birth to the "wedding dance" genre of viral videos as we know it today.

2. Jim's Wedding - Dance-off

The Office's Dance Off
photo courtesy of NBC
NBC's hit show The Office decided to have a little fun with the wedding dance craze and the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video in particular when it came time to film the marriage of the show's characters Pam and Jim. So the characters from The Office proceed down the aisle to Chris Brown's song "Forever" and, for a bit, the choreography is more or less the same as in the original video. Unfortunately, at around 1:30 into the video, one of the characters, Dwight, kicks a woman in the face. Which, if this video was real, would be terrible. Thankfully it's just a scene from a TV show, so we can laugh instead.

3. Wedding Thriller

Wedding Thriller
photo courtesy of YouTube
The video for Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is widely regarded as the best music video of all. The infamous dancing from the video has been used countless times from TV shows to films to numerous viral videos. And now, thanks to the video Wedding Thriller, the King of Pop's most famous dance moves live on in wedding dance form. The moves aren't entirely perfect in this video but what the dancers lack in finesse they make up for in goofiness.

4. Brian & Katie's Evolution of Wedding Dance

Evolution of Wedding Dance
photo courtesy of YouTube
This video was destined for viral video status because it combines the wedding dance genre with moves, music and inspiration from Judson Laipply's Evolution of The Dance, the most viewed video on YouTube of all time. The result, Brian & Kate's Evolution of Wedding Dance is a fun and fast romp through wedding dance history, starting with Elvis and Chubby Checker and ending with Jay-Z.

5. Surprise Wedding First Dance by Clay Family

photo courtesy of YouTube
This one isn't technically a wedding dance -- the dance occurred at Clay and Liz' 10th wedding anniversary -- but the romantic couple dressed up in a tux and wedding gown and the video is so fantastic that, well, who cares. In Surprise Wedding First Dance by Clay Family, the lovely couple go through a whirlwind of fun songs and dance moves, from C & C Music Factory to Soulja Boy. The video is pretty goofy, like most wedding dance videos, but what makes the whole thing simply awesome is that Clay and Liz can really, REALLY dance.

6. Wedding Dance First As A Couple - Baby Got Back

baby got back
photo courtesy of YouTube
When thinking of a list of songs that just aren't right for playing at a wedding, you would imagine at the top of said list would sit Sir Mix-a-Lot's 1992 single "Baby Got Back," a rapper's ode to women with large, errhm, posteriors. Don't tell that to the lovely couple from Wedding Dance First As A Couple - Baby Got Back. They prove that when two people trust each other and are in love, nothing is ever really inappropriate. Well, that's not true. But it is in this instance.

7. Wedding First Dance w/ Surprise Jack Johnson Michael Jackson

Wedding First Dance w/ Surprise Jack Johnson Michael Jackson
photo courtesy of YouTube
What Wedding First Dance w/ Surprise Jack Johnson Michael Jackson does really well is maintain an element of surprise -- for the first minute or so of the video, the newly married couple Norm and Renee slowly dance together to Jack Johnson's song "Better Together." Thanks to their fairly vanilla first minute, when Michael Jackson's 1987 hit single "The Way You Make Me Feel", comes on, the entire room erupts into cheers. Then, when the couple (and especially the shockingly good Norm) pull off some complicated dance steps, they keep the room cheering up until the very end.

8. JK Divorce Entrance Dance

JK Divorce Entrance Dance
photo courtesy of YouTube
Okay, so this isn't an actual wedding dance video -- JK Divorce Entrance Dance is, as you may be able to guess, a comedy sketch parodying the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video mentioned above. Again, Chris Brown's song "Forever" is used (as is the choreography from the original video). But the setting has changed -- we're now in a courtroom, seeing Jill and Kevin get divorced. From dancing attorneys to boogying bailiffs, this is a must see.

9. T & A: Wedding Dance (the ORIGINAL YouTube Surprise Wedding Dance)

T & A: Wedding Dance (the ORIGINAL YouTube Surprise Wedding Dance)
photo courtesy of YouTube
Though this video doesn't have as many views as others, it is, as the title (The ORIGINAL YouTube Surprise Wedding Dance) boasts, is one of the first wedding dance videos uploaded to YouTube (at an upload date of July 27, 2006, it beats JK Wedding Entrance Dance by almost three years). Much of the fun in the video comes from the fact that the couple, much like the couple in Surprise Wedding First Dance by Clay Family, can really bust a move. Their robot-like skills at, well, doing the robot (which occurs at around 1:32 in the video) are simply incredible.

10. Dirty Dancing UK - Julia and James First Dance

Dirty Dancing UK - Wedding Dance
photo courtesy of YouTube
The dance at the end of the 1987 Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey film Dirty Dancing is memorable for its equal parts romance and cheese (take a look here). Which, of course, makes it a perfect routine for a wedding dance. And that's exactly what Julia and James have in mind during Dirty Dancing UK - Julia and James First Dance. The choreography is nearly pitch perfect and the whole thing is just so cute you will melt right there in your seat watching.

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