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The Commercial Parodies of Jacks Films


Jack Douglas is a 21-year-old filmmaker working under the monicker of Jacks Films who rose to Internet popularity in 2009 with a group of unique commercial parodies where he used the video from the actual TV advertisement but re-dubbed the voiceover with his own wry, hilarious observations. Here's a breakdown of the work of Jacks Films:

1. The Jesus Christ Sponge (Shamwow Parody)

photo courtesy of Jacks Films
If you've ever watched late-night cable TV, you've probably seen an ad for the ShamWow. The ad has received much of its notice because of the "ShamWow" guy, Vince Shlomi. And there are a bunch of videos online parodying Shlomi because his strong personality lends itself well to mockery. Jacks Films' spoof, "The Jesus Christ Sponge," avoids the obvious joke, however, and in turn redirects our attention at the other obvious and ridiculous element of the original ShamWow ads -- the supposed "miracle" sponge that is ShamWow. And with the relatively unexplored angle and the deadpan delivery of Jack Douglas' voiceover, "The Jesus Christ Sponge" comes together as a rather hilarious video that's more than earned its over-2 million views on YouTube.

2. The WTF Blanket (Snuggie Parody)

photo courtesy of Jacks Films
Another late-night cable TV staple are the ads for the Snuggie. The Snuggie is even more ridiculous than the ShamWow because people actually do need sponges, but there's no inherent need for, as Jack Douglas describes it in "The WTF Blanket" parody video, "a robe you wear backwards." Douglas' dead-on jokes and wry delivery sit snugly (pun intended) on top of the original Snuggie ad footage.

3. MacBook Air Ad (Parody)

MacBook Air
photo courtesy of Jacks Films
This parody is one of Jacks Films' shortest and sharpest works. "Introducing the new MacBook Air. A computer so thin it fits in a manilla envelope." Oh, if only actual commercial voiceovers were that literal. "For a cool party trick, show your friends a manilla envelope and challenge your friends to stick their laptops inside it. When they fail, bust out your $3000 MacBook Air and tuck it inside. Your jealous friends will high-five and worship you forever. ...MacBook Air. Why the hell not?"

4. WTF Blanket 2 (Designer Snuggie Parody)

photo courtesy of Jacks Films
When Snuggie decided to put out "designer" versions of their infamous product (basically, the same product but with leopard and zebra prints), Jacks Films was on hand to skewer them with "WTF Blanket 2." "But what if I want to look even less bangable?" asks the re-dubbed girl in the "WTF Blanket 2" ad. "Problem solved. Introducing the What the F__ blanket, Dead Animal Edition!"

5. WTF Blanket 3: Awful Pun Overload

jacks films
photo courtesy of Jacks Films
Okay, so a Snuggie is just a backwards robe. A "designer" Snuggie is a backwards robe with zebra print on it. Where does Snuggie go from there? Well Jacks Films takes us into a "WTF Blanket" pitch meeting where they come up with the "WTF Blanket: Lil' Bow Wow Edition." In addition to the sketch at the start and Jack Douglas' normal deadpan voiceover, Jacks Films has filled the "WTF Blanket 3" ad with so-bad-it's-good pet-related puns. "Your neighbors will BARK with envy when they see your pet's A-dog-able new outfit! ...Your K-9 will give it a K-10!"

6. The New iPhone 3GS (Parody)

photo courtesy of Jacks Films
Like in all their parodies, Jacks Films uses the iPhone 3GS ad to mock how pointless the product is. This time, however, the parody combines a real iPhone ad and realistic-seeming voiceover dialogue (boasting about the exclusive features of the iPhone 3GS) with split-screen comparisons of other phones that do the same stuff the iPhone does. "Copy and paste is easy with the iPhone!" It's pretty easy with this LG touchscreen phone too. And then, after going through all the features that other phones have as well, the ad takes its final, hilarious turn: "After receiving tons of feedback we learned that many iPhone users wanted a physical keyboard. So, for the new iPhone 3GS, we added a compass just to f___ with you. Have fun!"
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