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5 Incredible Iranian Break Dance Videos


There are some pretty incredible break dancers in Iran. Who knew that hip-hop's reach was that long? Check out 5 of the best Iranian break dance videos online.

1. Tehran Iran Dance 1

photo courtesy of YouTube

The date-stamp on the video says this amazing showdown occurred in 1991 and the description says the dancers are Shahram Kharchang, Reza Bache, Mehdi Tony and Ahmad Lore. And as good as their dancing is, that's not even the main event in this incredible viral video. It's the combination of the setting -- persian rugs and white curtains everywhere -- and the spectators -- Iranian women dressed in traditional head-covering hijab. Hip-hop, '90s fashions and Muslim culture all clash, making this video 9:20 of awesome. Also, there's a guy dancing on crutches.

2. Break Dance in Park Shahanshahi

iranian dance
photo courtesy of YouTube

La Bouche's 1995 hit "Be My Lover" (and a slew of unidentified Techno jams afterwards) serves as the backdrop for great feats of break dancing that went down sometime in the recent past in Tehran's Park Shahanshahi. The dudes spinning on their heads towards the 6:30 mark are probably the highlight in this great (but too long) viral video.

3. Iran Michael Jackson

photo courtesy of YouTube
The video's uploader, YouTube user bennyiran, describes the video as "A very nice dancing of my cousin." And bennyiran doesn't lie. A man dressed as the legendary pop singer/ dancer Michael Jackson does a medley of Michael Jackson moves while the singer's original tune Billie Jean plays. The moves aren't as much accurate as they are spirited and, uh, original. And the whole dance goes down on top of a Persian rug. Around a minute in, the song switches up making, the whole thing that much more bizarre.

4. Iranian Worker Doing Break Dance

iranian dance
photo courtesy of YouTube

This guy is some sort of laborer (probably a construction worker, judging from his plaster-stained clothes). But in spite of his presumably busy work schedule, dude still finds time to kick an absolutely fluid break dancing routine. He caps the whole thing off with a near-flawless Moonwalk as well.

5. Best Break Dance Everr, Must See

iranian dance
photo courtesy of YouTube
Like with all the other Iranian break dancing videos, the key here is how unassuming the dancer is. A guy in a rugby shirt, jeans and sneakers who looks like he stepped off the set of Freaks and Geeks walks into a spotlight on the middle of a bare high school auditorium-like stage. And then he just starts RIPPING it. And the audience loses their minds to his dancing.

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