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The 10 Best Web Humor Videos of 2012

Check out the year's funniest web videos to date


The year 2012 has given us some hilarious video offerings. Take a look at some noteworthy videos making the rounds online, and get ready to laugh! We apologize in advance for any resulting spewing-beverage-through-the-nose incidents.

1. A Conversation with My 12 Year-Old Self, 20th Anniversary Edition

File this one under “Things We Wish We’d Thought of First.” In this video, Actor and videographer Jeremiah McDonald revisits a scratchy VHS tape that he recorded 20 years ago, when he was a goofy twelve year-old with a bad haircut. Watch as adult-Jeremiah chats with kid-Jeremiah, and try not to laugh when he brandishes the chewed-up action figure.

2. The Motherf*cking Pterodactyl Sing-Along Video


When it comes to creating viral online content, no one does it better than Matthew Inman, AKA, The Oatmeal. In this video, The Oatmeal teams up with singer/songwriter Sarah Donner to make the weirdest, funniest, most shareable music video ever. Beware: as the title suggests, the language alone keeps this video from being safe for work.

3. The Real Housewives of Disney


Though Lindsay Lohan’s return toSaturday Night Live was undeniably blah, this sketch, starring Kristin Wiig as a drunken Cinderella, and La Lohan herself as a catty Rapunzel, made the whole episode worthwhile. Let’s face it, lampooning Bravo’s Real Housewives reality shows is always funny.

4. Dollar Shave Club


We know what you’re thinking, and we agree: What the heck is Dollar Shave Club? We had never heard of this company either, but all that changed when they launched this quirky 90 second ad that spread like wildfire all over the social media universe. Within 24 hours of being launched on their YouTube channel, this video had received over 617,000 hits, and as of right now, they’re at almost 5 million views.

5. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Perform "Call Me Maybe"


Unless you’ve been living in a cave with no contact with the outside world (in which case, we envy you a little), you are probably familiar with the omnipresent pop song, “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen. The song has been meme’d and parodied to death, but perhaps the cutest parodies came from the SMU women’s rowing team and the Harvard baseball team, leading the techie gurus at The Tonight Show to put together this digitally-enhanced clip.

6. Apocalyptic Weatherman

Since Summer 2012 weather has been Africa-hot with a side of Fry-An-Egg-On-The-Sidewalk sweltering, we’ve gotten used to seeing bad news on the weather report. However, nothing Mother Nature has given us is as bad as what Virginia weatherman Aaron Justus predicts for the Raleigh metro area.

7. Overly-Attached Girlfriend

You’ve seen the meme, now see the video that started it all! In June of 2012, 20 year-old Laina Walker uploaded a song parody called “JB Fanvideo” in response to a contest promoting Justin Bieber’s new perfume, “Girlfriend.” Walker’s clingy lyrics (sample: “If I was your girlfriend / I’d never let you leave / without a small recording device / taped under your sleeve”) were an instant web sensation, spawning the hilarious “Overly-Attached Girlfriend” meme.

8. Tom Brady’s Boston Accent


Quarterback Tom Brady plays for the New England Patriots, but he was born and bred in sunny California. That didn’t stop the funny folks at Funny Or Die from poking some fun at his imaginary Bah-ston accent in this clip. You’ve just gotta love a video that mentions having a cup of chowdah AND allows Tom Brady to make fun of himself. It’s wicked pissah, dood!

9. Hipster Dubstep Cat

Because Keyboard Cat is sooooo 2007, we present you with Hipster Dubstep Cat. Watch as he goes from disinterested hipster (“I was using Cat Nip before it was cool, man.”), to manic dubstepper, in 36 grin-inducing seconds.

10. Somebody That I Used To Know

Prepare to wrap your brain around this: This is a parody of a cover. Let us explain; by now we’re sure you’ve heard Gotye’s emotional break-up song, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Indie artists Walk Off The Earth heard it, too, so they uploaded a video of themselves performing all parts of the hit song, but using just one guitar. That’s right, five people, one guitar. The resulting video sounded surprisingly great, which is why the hilarious comedy troupe The Key of Awesome decided to do a spoof of the cover. As advertised, it is awesome.
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