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The 10 Funniest Harlem Shake Videos

This new dance craze has been sweeping the nation... and YouTube.


Move over, Gangnam Style, there's a new dance craze in town, and it has already gone super viral on YouTube.

Yes, I'm talking about the ubiquitous "Harlem Shake." While this dance has technically been around since the early 1980's, it wasn't until recently that the dance craze truly took off and became a viral trend.

What is the Harlem Shake?

In August of 2012, American producer Baauer released an Electronica version of the song on YouTube. Months later, in February of 2013, YouTube user "Filthy Frank" uploaded his video of himself and several other Spandex-clad people dancing to about 30 seconds of Baauer's song. Inexplicably, everyone in Filthy Frank's video was wearing some sort of latex/spandex costume.

And lo, a dance meme was born. Before you can say, "Shake it," the parodies started popping up like dandelions. These videos all follow the same format: they are about 30 seconds long, and the first half shows a single dancer doing a little head bob or hip thrust. Around 15 seconds in, the lone dancer is joined by a lot more people, most of whom are wearing silly costumes and doing hilarious, hip-thrusting dance moves. It's weird, and funny, and... well, it's no wonder this thing has become such a hit online.

Here are the ten funniest Harlem Shake videos to date.

1. Do The Harlem Shake (Original)

This is the video that started it all, a quick clip of a bunch of Spandex-clad men boogying to Baauer's electronica version of the song. We don't know much about YouTube user Filthy Frank, and we're not sure how much we want to know.

2. Office Edition

This oddball office version of the dance has been viewed over 23 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded.

3. With My Son Edition

Uploaded by YouTuber Matt McClard, the caption says it all, "Mom was out, and this video happened." This is one 30 second video that is guaranteed to make you smile.

4. Firefighter Edition

This one wins for sheer randomness! Watch as some bored-looking firefighters go from subtle head bobbing to full-on Harlem Shake madness. With a Spiderman and a Chicken costume, naturally.

5. College Humor Edition

Leave it to the hilarious humor site College Humor to nail this latest web craze! Get a peek inside their hip office space while their staff members don Angry Bird masks and get their Shake on.

6. Break Official Edition

Like College Humor, funny website Break decided to get in on the Harlem Shake action with this quirky video. I think they have the best costumes of the bunch! Is that dude on the left holding up a Mark Zuckerberg mask?

7. University of Guelph Edition

This Canadian university knows how to party! Watch as these coeds stage not one, but two awesome Harlem Shake dance-offs. Extra credit for shaking their groove thangs in bikinis in the middle of winter.

8. Forever Alone Edition

Got no friends, but still want in on this dance craze? With a little creative editing, you can party with several versions of yourself. Forever Alone meme, anyone?

9. V.69 Rage Faces Edition

All of your favorite Rage Face memes are represented in this quick animated video, which was uploaded to YouTube by user Animated Meme.

10. Park Avenue Nemo Edition

While the majority of the east coast was battening down the hatches in preparation for winter blizzard, Nemo, these folks decided to get their dance on in the middle of Park Avenue in New York City.

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