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5 Funniest Lonely Island Music Videos

Music video parodies done right.


With the release of their third album, The Wack Album, the trio of performers known as The Lonely Island (TLI) have been making waves around the web with yet another hilarious music video. Their latest offering is called "Go Kindergarten," and it is an over-the-top commentary on the way that music fans mindlessly follow celebrities for no good reason. As with most of TLI's videos, the new video features several cameos by well-known actors and singers. "Go Kindergarten" stars Sean Combs (also known as P. Diddy), actor Paul Rudd, and Swedish pop singer Robyn.

Founded in 2000, The Lonely Island is made up of Saturday Night Live alum, Andy Samberg, along with Samberg's friends, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. According to their website, these three men have been making funny videos together since junior high. You can learn more about the group by reading their Reddit AMA, which is available on their website.

The Lonely Island first became a viral web sensation when their hilarious song, "Lazy Sunday" aired on television as an SNL Digital Short, but they have since become more web-based than television-based. Their YouTube channel boasts an impressive 4 million+ followers, and their funny video, "I Just Had Sex (featuring Akon)" remains one of YouTube's 10 most popular humor clips of all time.

Let's take a look at some of the most famous, and funniest, The Lonely Island music videos.

1. Lazy Sunday

This is the SNL Digital Short that first gained the comedy troupe notoriety on the web, and many viewers credit it for reviving Saturday Night Live after it had fallen into yet another comedic slump. Performed by Samberg and fellow SNL castmate Chris Parnell, the song and music video follow the two comedians as they spend a lazy Sunday in New York City. The pair hilariously rap about mundane activities like eating cupcakes and smuggling snacks into a matinee of The Chronicles of Narnia.

2. D*ck In A Box (NSFW: Lyrics)

This is perhaps the most well-known The Lonely Island song. The story goes that SNL creator Lorne Michaels asked Samberg to write a song to showcase the vocal talents of the show's host, Justin Timberlake. Samberg and company wrote the song in just one night and recorded the video the next day. When it aired on TV, the word, "d*ck" had to be bleeped sixteen times!

After this video aired on SNL in 2006, the unedited version was made available online, and the video quickly went viral. The song went on to win a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

3. 3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)

This is a follow-up to "D*ck In A Box," featuring the same characters played by Samberg and Timberlake. The bonus celebrity in this mix is Lady Gaga, who shows off impressive comedic chops in addition to her usual flair for costuming dramatics. The song's lyrics say it all: "It's okay when it's in a 3-way/It's not gay, when it's in a 3-way. With a honey in the middle, there's some lee-way." Too funny.

4. YOLO (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar) (NSFW: Lyrics)

Another single off their new album, this song gives a major nod to web slang with the title. YOLO means, "You only live once," and the team takes that expression very seriously in the song. Like, as serious as a heart attack.

5. Go Kindergarten (NSFW: Lyrics)

There's a lot going on here! This video starts with "best friends" Sean Combs and Paul Rudd entering a club, and before you know it, singer Robyn is controlling everyone with her funky lyrics. It's weird, it's wacky, and it's definitely funny, even if it was kind of weird seeing Diddy deliver a baby on the dance floor. Yes, really.

For more great music videos from The Lonely Island, check out their YouTube channel.

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