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10 Funniest "Gangnam Style" Parodies


By now, you've most likely heard of the hilarious hit pop video, "Gangnam Style," by Korean rapper Psy. The video was released in July of 2012, and it quickly went viral with the help of numerous celebrity endorsements, flash mobs, animated gifs, and yes, parodies. Since the video racked up over 194 million views on YouTube within the first two months online, and it has crept up the music charts as well, it is a certifiable web sensation.

You can check out the original video here, but since this has become a viral web hit, let's take a look at some of the hilarious parodies Gangnam Style has spawned. Below are our ten favorite "Gangnam Style" spoof videos to date, all of which would make great additions to our list of The 10 Best Web Humor Videos of 2012.

1. SNL Does "Gangnam Style"

On the 2012 season premier of Saturday Night Live, the "not ready for Prime Time players" lent their talents to this very funny "Gangnam" spoof. The bit managed to capture everything about this video that makes it what it is: weird, random, and inexplicable. Bonus points for featuring Family Guy's Seth MacDonald, as well as having a cameo by Psy, himself.

2. U.S. Navy Spirit

Every year, the Army and Navy produce "Spirit Spots" before the Army-Navy football game. According to their website, "Spirit Spots are a way to promote school spirit and occasionally take a poke at the arch-rival football team." Created by DoubleBond Productions, this Spirit Spot features members of the U.S. Navy, dressed in their finest dress whites, doing their best "Gangnam Style" dance moves. Hilarious!

3. Oregon Duck Style

The University of Oregon's mascot, The Oregon Duck, got into the action with this fun spoof. Not only does it feature the Duck playing the role of Psy, but it's got some special cameos by Kermit the Frog, Yoda, and a random gorilla. Plus, you know, hot cheerleaders.

4. Gandalf Style

Created by Angie Griffin and Chad Nikolaus, this video has extra cred because they not only sing the song themselves (instead of lip syncing along with Psy, like the others do), but they make up their own lyrics. It also takes courage to run around town in a Gandalf outfit and try to get people to give you high fives.

5. L.A. Moms and Babies

What happens when some good-looking new moms from Los Angeles start discussing viral videos? They go Gangnam Style, of course! In this video, the moms do the dancing while the babies look like they have no idea what's going on, but it doesn't matter. They're cute, and the effect is funny, especially since they managed to find the lead baby a teeny tiny blue tuxedo just like Psy's. Bonus points for the special effects used for the playground explosion.

6. New York City Style

To be honest, we're not completely sure what this video is about, other than that it takes place in New York City. The three main players show off their Gangnam Style moves all over the Big Apple, from Times Square, to the subway, to Rockefeller Center, and everywhere in between. They also seem to be dressed up in NYPD SWAT gear during one part of it, so... say something nice.

7. Wedding Style

California residents Stefani and Jeremy hired Lightbulb Videography to create this very stylish and unique video for their wedding. In it, the bride and groom dance with their wedding party and guests and look like they're having a blast. Makes us wish we had been invited to this wedding!

8. My Little Pony Gangnam Style

What this clips lacks in length (it is only thirty seconds long), it makes up for with nostalgia! Remember 80s toy, My Little Pony? So do Kanashiipanda and Coconeru, who created this fun clip showing a pony doing the Gangnam Style dance.

9. Han Solo Gangnam Style

At only eleven seconds long, this video is the shortest Gangnam Style parody out there, but arguably the funniest! Check out what happens when Han Solo and the gang open the door at a strange time.

10. Klingon Style

Directed by Emily McGregor, the lyrics in this video are not sung in Korean, but in Klingon. It sounds exactly as weird as you think it might... but you've got to hand it to them for pulling it off.
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