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The 13 Funniest Harry Potter Comedy Videos Online

Potter Puppet Pals & More


JK Rowling's beloved children's book series Harry Potter is popular. Very popular. So it's no surprise that there's lots of Harry Potter-related comedy videos online. A lot of them aren't very well done. But have great Harry Potter jokes. Here are the 13 funniest Harry Potter comedy videos online.

1. Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"

Harry Potter Puppet Pals Videos
photo courtesy of Neil Cicierega
With over 66 million views, Neil Cicierega's Harry Potter hand puppet comedy video "Potter Puppet Pals in 'The Mysterious Ticking Noise'" is easily the most popular Harry Potter-related video online. And with a slew of great Harry Potter jokes, it's also very likely the funniest. Who knew hand puppets could be this hilarious?

2. The Half Blood Prince of Bel-Air is Harry Potter in the Hood

photo courtesy of oMovies
For some inexplicable reason, Harry Potter is the perfect subject for a comedy rap song; there are loads of them online, some of the funny, a few great. oMovies' "The Half Blood Prince of Bel-Air is Harry Potter in the Hood" is one of the great ones, packed with awesome Harry Potter jokes. Harry's G-Unit-esque, all-black entourage is a really nice touch.

3. Harry Potter with ADHD

Harry Potter with ADHD
photo courtesy of take180
Harry Potter IS a teenage boy. So the fact that in the books and movies he's completely focused on his school work and magic spells works great for the stories but isn't very realistic. Enter take180's Electric Spoofaloo sketch "Harry Potter with ADHD." And some truly exquisite special effects really aid the already-hilarious Harry Potter jokes.

4. A Very Potter Musical

a very potter musical
photo courtesy of Star Kid Potter
Here's something REALLY special -- a fan-created full-length musical starring all your favorite characters from Harry Potter. The songs, the acting, the Harry Potter jokes and the story is all great in Matt Lang, Nick Lang and Brian Holden's "A Very Potter Musical."

5. Michael Bay Presents Harry Potter

photo courtesy of Think Hero TV
The Harry Potter films are dripping with great stories, wonderful acting and loads and loads of care. The films of director Michael Bay are known less for that sort of stuff and more for explosions, guns, bad acting and lots and lots of slow motion. So Think Hero TV's pitch-perfect parody, "Michael Bay Presents Harry Potter," in which Hagrid wields a tommy-gun and everything is in suuuper sloooow moooootion. Hilarious!

6. Harry Potter, Bad Roommate: Episode #1

harry potter bad roommate
photo courtesy of Shake State
It's never fair when your roommate uses the upper hand he's gained from being a top-level magician to get out of doing household chores, which is exactly what happens in the hilarious Shake State sketch "Harry Potter, Bad Roommate: Episode #1" and is also what happened to me Sophomore year of college.

7. This Isn't Hogwarts! A Harry Potter Song

photo courtesy of Vlog Brothers
What if the adolescent complaints in Green Day's early songs were from the perspective of the characters from Harry Potter? Then you'd have something pretty similar to Hank Green's Harry Potter jokes-filled, rather wonderful pop-punk song "This Isn't Hogwarts!" And hey, did you know there's a whole sub-genre of rock music dedicated to Harry Potter stuff? It's called wrock, which stands for wizard rock. And it's great!

8. Water Glasses/Harry Potter Song

photo courtesy of starz54 on YouTube
The composer John Williams' wonderful scores for the Harry Potter films get the musical water glasses treatment in this wonderful (and wonderfully funny) video.

9. Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts
photo courtesy of Pistol Shrimps
In the Harry Potter books and films, you get to see Harry, you get to see Ron Wesley, you get to see Hermione and you even get to see Draco Malfoy. But what about the outcasts at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry? They're not at all present in the films, but in Pistol Shrimps' wonderful sketch, you don't have to wonder what the outcasts are up to any longer; they're busy taunting Harry and his pals.

10. The Harry Potter Rap

harry potter rap
photo courtesy of Moist Cupcake
Another brilliant Harry Potter rap, this time from sketch comedians Moist Cupcake. Keep an eye out for some Soulja Boy inspired Harry Potter-themed hip-hop dances as well. Great music and really funny Harry Potter jokes to be enjoyed by all.
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