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10 Funniest Animal Videos of 2012


If there is one infallible truth about the internet, it's that pets pretty much rule. Just about everyone online likes pictures and videos of cute animals, whether they will admit to it, or not. There are entire websites devoted to cute animals, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a site that does not at least occasionally feature a furry friend with a clever caption. In fact, one of the most successful web networks to date is the popular Cheezburger Network, and the feather in that site's cap is none other than the ubiquitous LOL Cat blog.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the cutest, funniest, and most viral animal-themed videos of 2012. We're not saying that your heart is a lump of toxic sludge if you don't like these adorable animals... but we're not ruling it out, either.

1. Pandas On A Slide

Courtesy of YouTube
In a video released by the A video from the Chengdu Panda Base, four completely adorable, rolly-polly Panda bears play on a slide. The video was released in order to raise awareness of Chengdu Panda Awareness Week in June of 2012.

2. Beagle Vs. Lemon

Courtesy of YouTube
This cute little Beagle has absolutely no clue what to do with this lemon. He tries to bite it, but its sour taste surprises him, which makes him pause before trying to bite it again. It's just darn cute no matter how you look at it, but dog-lovers will especially enjoy this clip.

3. Henri, Paw de Deux

Courtesy of YouTube
Poor Henri is one sad French cat. In fact, you might even say Henri is having a bit of an existential crisis in his series of videos, but that doesn't stop us from laughing as he bemoans his fate of being a house cat. The videos are made in a black and white film noire style, in French, with English subtitles. This particular video was so popular that it won "Best Cat Video On The Internet" at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis on Thursday. (Apparently, there is such a thing! Who knew?)

4. Bulldog Adopts Wild Baby Boars

Courtesy of YouTube
The story goes, six baby wild boars, who happen to be incredibly cute, were found abandoned in the forest near Berlin, Germany. They were taken to an animal sanctuary, where they were quickly adopted by an unlikely surrogate mother, Baby, the French Bulldog. Awwwww.

5. Smitty Must Watch Marmaduke

Courtesy of YouTube
Smitty's owner came home from work and flipped on the TV, only to discover that his dog was utterly mesmerized by the talking dogs in the movie, Marmaduke. Too cute!

6. Ruidoso Bear Rescue Mission

Courtesy of YouTube
Three sweet little baby bears got stuck in a dumpster overnight. They couldn't climb out, and the mama bear couldn't get them out, so she sat by the dumpster all night listening to them cry. Enter these resourceful, helpful humans with a ladder and a pickup truck! We love a happy ending.

7. Buttermilk "Plays" With Her "Friends"

Courtesy of YouTube
There's a reason why "plays" and "friends" are in air-quotes, and it's because even though Buttermilk the goat is so, so, so cute... she's kind of an a-hole. In this clip, we see her frolicking in her yard, having a great time kicking, jumping on, and knocking over her fellow goats.

8. Kittens Watching Tennis

Courtesy of YouTube
Two beautiful kittens just hanging out, watching some tennis on TV. The synchronized head movements and alert expressions made us want to go out and adopt a pair of kittens immediately.

9. Evil Penguin

Courtesy of YouTube
Fifteen seconds into this :24 long clip, we see why they call him, "Evil Penguin." What a jerk.

10. Bunny Loves His Balloon

Courtesy of YouTube
Watch as a bunny rabbit plays with his pink balloon. He just loves it! In fact, he might love it a bit too much, as the last ten seconds of this brief clip show. Oops!
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