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Klaatu42's Talking Animals Channel Profile

By Dave Mellisy

Klaatu42's Talking Animals Channel Profile Image courtesy of Klaatu42
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/klaatu42
Total Upload Views: 31,903,021 (as of 07/07/2010)
Description: They're animals and… they talk.
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What is "Klaatu42's Talking Animals Channel"?:

Are you really going to make me explain this to you? Seriously? Fine. This is a YouTube channel which features talking animals. Just to clarify, the animals aren't literally talking. The voices are added by Klaatu42. It's mostly cats, but there's a dog and a beaver too. Some of the animals have funny accents. It's cute as hell. Happy?

Best of "Klaatu42's Talking Animals Channel":

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