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Top 10 Funny Viral Video Classics


The Internet is contagious with word-of-mouth and email-forwarded motion picture clips accessible via computers. The more these viral videos, as they have come to be known, are discussed among friends, the wider the viewing popularity spreads. The selections listed are only 10 slivers off the tip of the funny iceberg, but here at About Humor, they are among the favorites of our readers -- classics to watch over and over again.

And don't miss future classics on The Funny Viral Video of the Day.

1. Dancing Dog - 'You're the One That I Want' From Grease

While the funny viral video classics on this page are not ranked in any particular order, this one is, perhaps, the most inquired about multimedia piece I've dealt with during my years writing on humor. Although very popular, the clip's feed sources tend to vanish, creating a secondary career for me in the tracking of its whereabouts. In hot pursuit of the Dancing Dog, I've watched him perform dozens of times with his partner. Those six amazing feet never fail to make me smile.

2. Funny Super Bowl TV Commercials, 1998-Present

You'd expect a lot of interest in the high profile advertisements sharing screen time with the annual football championship game, but, hey, the collective batches of 30 and 60-second comedy promos bring back bowls of fans to chuckle at them throughout the calendar year.

3. 'Lazy Sunday: The Chronicles of Narnia Rap'

Unlikely hip-hoppers Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg struck a chord in a 2005 Saturday Night Live spoof music video.

4. Star Wars Kid in the Original Star Wars Kid Video

You know, only the other day, Paris Hilton and I were discussing that we should never, ever videotape anything we'd unwillingly allow others to see. The Kid's private moment of play became a worldwide phenomenon when his footage was posted on the Net.

5. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits the Star Wars Nerds

Star Wars comedy virals are everywhere, but nothing can beat this one, a clip of the hysterical confrontation of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Star Wars nerds waiting in a theatre line to see Attack of the Clones. The excellent improv by puppeteer Robert Smigel, as shown on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, can be caught online at Starterupsteve.com. Alternate sources: Google Video | YouTube.

6. Numa Numa Dance

A 19-year-old, Gary Brolsma, performed a frenzied lip-synched musical goof while he flashdanced along in his computer chair. He uploaded the video, soon finding himself a viral video sensation.

7. William Hung's American Idol Audition Tape

A young man with no apparent musical ability is seen warbling a numbing rendition of "She Bang" at his try-out before judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson. Ironically, the instant success of this gutsy video made him more popular than most of the strong contestants on the program.

8. Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction

The notorious "wardrobe reveal" from Super Bowl XXXVIII is proudly displayed by IFILM. Justin Timberlake exposes Ms. Jackson's breast to shock the world! Oooooo. Was it too much? The Feds thought so, busting the bust with a reported $550,000 fine.

9. HampsterDance

While technically not a video, the HampsterDance was passed around and observed like crazy in the days before streaming broadband capabilities were widely available. The diversion is simple: a collection of assorted animated .GIF hamsters gyrating forever to a looped snippet of Roger Miller music from Walt Disney's Robin Hood. The look of the original page has been updated and the music shortened, but you'll get the idea. Also, read about and play with the interactive HampsterDance2 toy.

10. The Dancing Internet Baby a k a The Original NetBaby Dance

Still creepy after all these years, the surreal 3-D animation was quite a sensation across that old-timey Internet of the 20th century. Burning Pixel Productions is proud of their baby, a diapered, viral video pioneer long before going Hollywood with Ally McBeal.

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