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TV Advertising Humor - Funny Television Commercials

Funny television commercials showcasing humor in advertising are on view in this category, including favorite Super Bowl TV ads.
"Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman, The"
Jerry Seinfeld and Superman pal around for American Express in elongated commercials made for the Internet, but also seen on TV.
Funny Super Bowl TV Commercials
Watch now! All the celebrated spot advertisements from Super Bowl broadcasts running back to 1998 are online.
Carlton Draught Beer: 'Big Ad'
A gigantic television commercial production sells some liquid refreshment.
Miller Lite: Catfight / Catfight Girls Return TV Commercials
The popular Catfight advertisement from the 2003 Super Bowl has a sequel.
Nike Shox: "The Streaker"
From the "More Go" campaign, shenanigans at a soccer stadium.
Pepsi "We Will Rock You" Gladiator Commercial
See Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Pink, and Enrique Iglesias in an epic cola commercial.
Starbucks Coffee TV Commercial: "Glen" (Survivor: "Eye of the Tiger")
Rock band Survivor is a big follower of coffee, as seen in this funny commercial featuring Jimi Jamison and the group.
Steven Segal Mountain Dew TV Commercial
The action movie star spoofs his image at a convenience store.
Suburban Trunk Monkey TV Commercials
Pack a monkey in your trunk to assist during automotive hassles. Watch these funny Trunkmonkey television commercials for demonstrations.
For American Express: It's Tiger Woods' version of "Caddyshack," playing golf, fighting Mr. Gopher.
Video Vault: Vintage TV Commercials
TV Party's little-seen '50s and '60s commercials headlined by sitcom and movie stars in two collections: "When Stars Did the Commercials" and "Cigarette Advertising on TV." Play the video clips.
"Wardrobe Malfunction" - Censored Budweiser TV Commercial
Budweiser shows what really happened before Janet Jackson's notorious wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl in a commercial spoof.
"The Angry Chicken" ("Le Poulet en Colere")
Ruthless, man-stalking poultry appear to be a problem in France. A lad runs for his life, but the beak is never far behind in an unusual TV commercial from Nike, on view at UGO. QuickTime: Low speed (above link), High; Windows Media Player: Low, High. More Nike-presto ads.
At "Your Web Repository of Stupid Videos," see more than 700 clips and comedy bits from a multitude of sources. There are TV commercials, both foreign and domestic, plus home videos and spoofs. Items range in content from clean to gross to who knows what else. We all should live long enough to watch everything available at this gargantuan grab bag. Windows Media and Quicktime.
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