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The Mother of All Excuses Place


Good Excuse for a Web Site: There are literally thousands of excuses to be found on these pages compiled by Madtbone Inc. Many are witty. Some are reasonable.
  • "I have a friend who told our boss that he needed to leave work because his uncle was dying and he needed to beat his cousin to the power tools."
  • "I'm sorry I was late for work, but when I was getting ready to brush my teeth, I squeezed to much toothpaste out of the tube and it took me a long time to get it all back in."
  • "I won't be in today. ... My hair wont start."
Categories include excuses for Work, Kids, Doctors, Police, Church, Breaking Dates, Weddings, Diets, Taxes, Debt, Sex, Rent, School, and Jury Duty.
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