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The Funny Video of the Day - Comedy Viral Videos

Here's our ongoing list of comedy clips, cartoons, wacky shorts, and humorous home movies making noise and spreading laughs across the Net -- funny viral videos to share with friends and, most importantly, waste time!

External Web sites may remove their videos without notice.
02/2009 Funny Videos
Kittens and Jimmy Kimmel are among the featured funnies.
03/2009 Funny Videos
The Web loves animal videos and you'll find some good ones with human animals, too.
01/2009 Funny Videos
How to rearrange your face and a sliding Kitty in a Box are among the clips this month.
Top 10 Funny Viral Video Classics
A few of the all-time favorite online videos are spotlighted in our list.
What Is a Viral Video?
A frequent question comes up about viral videos. The term can sound sickening or evil when taken out of context. Here's an explanation.
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