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Customized Characters for Dancing, Email, and Cell Phones


Humor Guide Mike Durrett steps in it.

Humor Guide Mike Durrett discos the night away, courtesy of Muglets, an online Flash toy.

Muglets owns the software. Mike Durrett owns that face. Wanna buy it?
Well, apparently, I've stepped in it. Yep, that's me. I've got the fevered disco, thanks to a little help from Muglets, a silly online toy which allows you to upload photograph faces to create your own dancing fools. Other characters include Foxy Fatale and Texas George. Fitness Freak and Warrior Princess are coming. (Sounds like lunch with the Village People.)

Muglets customizations are simple and quick. The finished dancers, which you choreograph, can be shared free via email or purchased for cell phones. Click to see me get down with my bad self, your mama, but don't hit on me. I'm taken. I'm taken to a clinic. I think I pulled something....

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