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Humorous Time Killers

Online doodles, silly jokes, and fun to waste your life with a smile.
The Simpsomaker - Make Your Own Simpsons Character - Simpsomaker Online Time Killer
Make your own cartoon character for ''The Simpsons'' with this online time killer toy.
Shave Your Yeti - Online Grooming Toy
Your Yeti needs a little trim. Shave your Yeti.
Muglets - Customized Characters for Play - Email - Cell Phones - Muglets Photo Toy - Dancers
Muglets are silly characters customizable with photographs of your or others. Play with Muglets as dancing time killers or download to cell phones. Share with friends via free email.
Humor Forum!
Time Killer. And killer fun, too. Our message boards' jokesters share laughs and insight in this congenial community, hosted from your About Humor Guide's pen pal keyboard.
Anagram Genius Server
Very amusing. Simply type in any word or phrase and receive a list of anagrams via email. For immediate laughs, a huge archive of top anagrams is accessible.
"Belching Bug Show, The"
A chorus of bugs burp songs or you can make your own music.
Ben and Jerry: Make Them Hairy!
Drag fuzz to two old bald guys. Golly, it's exciting and, dare I say, hair-raising.
Dull Men's Club
Fart Waffle, The
Wow! Try finding one of these in real life -- a musical, gaseous toasty treat.
Hold the Button
C'mon, do it. Are you chicken? Hold the button.
Loves Me, Loves Me ... NOT!
Virtual flower plucking.
Sex Thermometer
How hot are you? Rate you and your cutie's sexual compatibility.
Spin the Bottle
The old-fashioned boy-girl game gets an online twist.
"South Park" Create-A-Character
Be like Cartman and design your South Park image with this online time killer toy.
'Wedding Crashers' Trailer Crashers
Insert yourself into the trailer for "Wedding Crashers," the comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, with an excellent online movie spoof toy.
Black Hole of the Web
I have mined the Internet, far and wide, high and low. I've even braved Chat. Ladies and gentlemen, I present The Ultimate Time Killer. Do not go there.You have been warned. My mouse is clean.
Don's Boss! Page
Float a Panic Button on your monitor in case your dastardly Boss pops in -- an immediate spreadsheet will appear!
Oh, boy, a new space-age way to be lazy! This site allows you to ponder someone else's doodle. You don't need to draw a thing, but you're asked to identify the scrawl. The fun part is seeing how your vision relates to others.
Like it's probable inspiration, Where's Waldo, this puzzler doesn't get any easier in repeat perusals. I've played about a half dozen rounds and my best time is 3:12, so far.
Colorful virtual sparklers. This is the perfect item to celebrate good news or, simply, imagine you are on your back at a July 4th display. From Main Strike.
How to Keep an Idiot Busy
Fascinating state-of-the-art tutorial from Professional Web Design. Hours o' fun!
Keeping Up with Time
Here's a strange item. Move your mouse cursor anywhere on your screen and watch time fly, literally.
Love Calculator, The
Dr. Love's gizmo creates good and bad humors. Insert two names to calculate relationship odds. My wife of 18 years and I scored 44%. My first date and I: 95%. Yippee.
Mad Cow Test, The
Real Audio WAV files differentiate normal and mad cows. A funny waste of time, from Promo.net.
Magic Eye Stereogram of the Week
These 3-D images put me into a bad humor quickly 'cause I CAN'T SEE 'EM! Other folks do and, oh, they jump up and down; and they shriek for joy; and they smile; and they make me ill.
Stare Down Sally
She's good, real good. Sally is always ready for a staring contest, and, even though she blinks at random, you will immediately want to harm her. Perfect for zombies.
Tease Daniel's Hair
Oo-oo, I don't want to. No, don't make me. Please! Stop it! NO! Oh, the humanity...
Time Wasting Calculator
This device is useful in helping you determine exactly how much money your little office nap cost your employer. Do yourself a favor, play solitaire and, in effect, earn a raise. From Planet Wally.
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