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Funny Thanksgiving Videos

Holiday Comedy Clips and Web Movies


Here's what we're watching in-between the hallowed gobbling of more stuffing, please. Funny Thanksgiving videos celebrating and mocking the holiday are served up on a platter -- and a computer.

'MADtv: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's Thanksgiving'

A spoof TV sketch of Brit and K-Fed in better times, stuffing the turkey and serving "apperteasers."

'Celebrity Bric-a-Brac Theatre Presents The First Thanksgiving'

Yes, it is very touching, the Blame Society tableau with a perplexing situation. Pilgrims John Madden and Christopher Walken walk the fine line between lavishing thanks (with a dinner) on the bountiful new world or destroying it. (The very least they could do is wait until after dessert.) Sean Connery, Owen Wilson, Bill Cosby, Gilbert Gottfried, Dr. Phil, Richard Pryor, Marlon Brando, and George W. Bush also take part, sort of.

'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'

The Peanuts gang celebrates around the ol' ping-pong table with a big feast, as seen in this clip from the holiday cartoon classic. Chef Snoopy -- mmmm, that means good eating! -- dishes out dinner and carves the turkey. Is it just me or is the sight of Woodstock chomping down turkey and yanking the wishbone very disturbing?

'Charlie Chaplin's Thanksgiving Dinner'

The Gold Rush - Charles ChaplinPublic Domain
This clip from The Gold Rush originated in the 1942 sound re-release of the 1925 silent film. Chaplin added a full orchestral score and narration for the new audiences and technology. The Little Tramp and his very hungry associate go to extreme measures to foot their Thanksgiving feast.

'The Early Show: Thanksgiving Pop-Up Video'

A 2008 cooking segment from the CBS morning program instructs us on how to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. What's amusing here is the parade of trivia facts accompanying the discussion.

'Friends: Thanksgiving 1992'

In this sequence from the popular sitcom, Joey tries on a new hat. OK, not exactly.

'Happy Thanksgiving'

A short stop-motion animation by MentalLapse features Thanksgiving turkey decorations coming alive for a special mission. Who wants pie?

'Jerky Turkey' (1945)

Beloved animator Tex Avery crafted MGM's Thanksgiving cartoon during World War II, which explains its topical references to the military draft and rationing. A hungry Pilgrim is on the hunt for dinner in the form of a pesky fowl. The pair loosely assume the Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny roles Avery helped create in his era at Warner Bros.

'Turkey Tub' and Other Turkey Commercials

A brief Jennie-O TV advertisement shows a good, economizing way to prepare your dinner turkey -- and while we're learning how to thaw the bird, check out Turkey Dryer.

Hey, why reach inside a turkey anyway? See: Turkey Dig, Turkey Dropping, and Turkey Wrestling.

'Will It Blend?: Thanksgiving Dinner'

Experimenter Tom Dickson asks the immortal question, "Will it blend?" on behalf of kindly old, toothless Uncle Floyd. Stuffing the bird into the machine o' destruction, we'll find out -- and, I'm guessing, we're about to have turkey in a straw.

'WKRP in Cincinnati: Turkey Drop'

From the 1978 sitcom, the classic sequence with radio newsman Les Nessman describing an unusual Thanksgiving promotion involving live turkeys and a helicopter.

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