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Thanksgiving Humor

Thanksgiving jokes and comedy stuffing.
Funny Thanksgiving Videos
Here's what we're watching in-between gobbling more stuffing, please.
Gobble Gobble Hey!
Assorted Thanksgiving Day nuttiness from the Van Gogh-Goghs Sketch Comedy Collective.
Top Thanksgiving Movie Comedies
Recommended films for the holiday, but funny all year long.
All About Thanksgiving: Fun and Games
About New England for Visitors Guide Kim Knox Beckius has roamed the streets of About.com to amass an eclectic collection of interesting holiday articles, activities, and humor from around our network.
Charlie Sheen's Thanksgiving Prayer
A holiday meditation from ''National Lampoon.''
Farmer Giblet's 3-D Turkey Farm
You are Marvin the Turkey, but we knew that. Your goal is to destroy the electric fence and escape before you get the axe. From Ezone, this silly race-the-clock game requires Shockwave.
More an interactive webtoon than a game, this KillFrog time killer lets you destroy, stuff and cook your bird. Extreme cartoon violence.
Gobble Gobble Hey!
A tasty spread from The Van Gogh-Goghs Sketch Comedy Collective to enhance "our national holiday dedicated to gluttonous overeating, remorseful bellyaches, and segregated age-based seating": Thanksgiving Day Costumes, Twenty Thanksgiving Myths, Thanksgiving Day Conversation Stoppers, Thanksgiving Day Eating Games, and The Hand Thanksgiving. Includes grown-up portions of naughty content.
It's Turkey Time
Simply, it's a turkey shoot, but there are so many of the bumbling fowls, you'll go nuts trying to bag them all. From Ezone, Shockwave needed, downloads available.
"Rear-Guard Action on Poison Turkeys" by Dave Barry
A 1995 column, found at My World and Welcome, contains this alert from the humorist, "I need to issue a warning to tasteful readers: You should not - I repeat, not - read the rest of this column if you are likely to be in any way offended by the term 'turkey rectums.'"
Simpsons: Bart Vs. Thanksgiving, The
Quotes and summary (by Raymond Chen) from a holiday episode of the popular animated series.
Thanksgiving 2002 in Cartoons
From major artists, collected at Pro Cartoonists Index.
Thanksgiving 2003 in Cartoons
Pro Cartoonists Index brings the best comic panels to the table.
Thanksgiving Cards They Won't Thank You For
Sure they're parodies, but what-the-heck, email 'em anyway! From Modern Humorist.
"The Thanksgiving Song"
From AdamSandler.com, a 1993 "Weekend Update" segment from "Saturday Night Live" with Adam Sandler and Kevin Nealon. See the video clip.
"Turkey Day" by Dave Barry
Also known as "How Not to Host Turkey Day Dinner." The annual feast, as observed by "The Miami Herald" columnist at ''The Holland Sentinel.''
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