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20 Funniest Images of the Star Wars/Disney Merger

Twenty of the best viral images resulting from the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.


When George Lucas announced that he will sell his production company, Lucasfilm, LTD, to the Walt Disney Corporation, the internet immediately took to their keyboards to express their thoughts on the matter. With a wealth of images to choose from, thanks to every Disney movie ever made, as well as still images gleaned from all of the beloved Star Wars movies, it's no wonder that what resulted was an influx of some very funny, very creative new memes and photos. Here are twenty of our favorites.

1. Tatooine Sunset

Credit: eonline.com
This a still taken from Star Wars, A New Hope features some familiar-looking mouse ears as the suns of Tatooine.

2. Princess Leia: Not Your Typical Disney Princess

Credit WDWmagic.com
First, her entire home planet gets destroyed, then, she accidentally kisses her brother. Then, her boyfriend gets frozen in Carbonite. Now, she has to put up with all these other flighty Princesses. Poor Leia!

3. When You Wish Upon A Star

Credit: technology.ie
When you wish upon a Death star? "That's not a star, it's a space station!"

4. Nice hat, Storm Trooper

Credit: Facebook
This is proof that Mickey Mouse ears make anybody look stupid. Anybody.

5. The Phantom Mickey

Credit: Heffee.com
Anakin, look out behind you!

6. Darth Kittius

Credit: Smosh
It's the internet, so of course people inserted cats into this story.

7. Careful with that Light Saber, Mickey

A mouse wielding a light saber? What could possibly go wrong?

8. Vader at Disney World

Credit: Mememachine
This is a still taken from a Disney-produced video made in the late 1980s, featuring Darth Vader visiting the Magic Kingdom.

9. Luke, I am your father now.

Credit: Beartoons.com
Say it with us, Luke, "Nooooooooooooo!"

10. A New Hope

Credit: BuzzFeed
Designed to resemble the campaign posters for U.S. Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, this image conveys in one word what Star Wars fans everywhere have for the future of the franchise: Hope.
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