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10 Most Famous Cats On The Internet, Part 1

From Nyan Cat to Grumpy Cat, meet ten of the greatest feline celebrities ever.


If there is one infinite truth that is indisputable, it's that the internet, as a whole, loves cats. Sure, other animals have their moments to shine too, and as far as animal memes go, anything furry will do, but cats pretty much rule the web. Even people who claim to hate cats have had the icy cockles of their hearts warmed by the cuteness of Lil' Bub, or have admitted to a grudging appreciation for a kindred spirit like Grumpy Cat.

For better or for worse, cats pretty much own this place, so it makes sense that there would be a handful of felines who have gained such notoriety online that they are officially "internet-famous." Check out ten famous cats who are totally ready for their close-ups.

1. Nyan Cat

In April of 2011, a YouTube video featuring an animated cartoon cat with the body of a Pop-Tart flying through space, leaving a rainbow trail behind it, and set to a Japanese pop song hit the web. It was love at first bizarre sight, and the video clip quickly spawned an animated gif, a website, social media pages, and tons of Nyan Cat merchandise. We honestly have no idea why, but that's the way it goes on the web!

2. Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat has been around since 1984, when Washington resident Charlie Schmidt inexplicably dressed his cat, "Fatso," in his son's blue shirt, placed the cat in front of an electronic keyboard, and had him "play" along to a cheerful song. Schmidt later uploaded the video to YouTube in 2007, and the video took off and became one of the most recognizable animal memes ever. Keyboard Cat now makes appearances in parodies, commercials, and TV shows.

3. Grumpy Cat

In September 2012, a Reddit user uploaded a photo of his sister's very grumpy-looking cat, Tard (short for Tardar/Tartar Sauce), and the internet instantly fell in love. Redditors began Photoshopping images of Tard with cranky captions inspired by Tard's sour facial expression. The meme became so popular that within a few months, Tard was making television appearances, visiting BuzzFeed staffers in New York City, and regularly tweeting at @GrumpyCatTard.

4. Colonel Meow

In September of 2012, three photos of a Himalayan Persian cat named Colonel Meow were featured on the Cheezburger Network's The Daily What. The cat's trademark fluffy coat and incredibly angry facial expressions were a big hit, and the photos quickly spread. The Colonel's Facebook page lept from a few hundred fans to over 9,000 in just one day, and he presently has over 155,000 fans on Facebook.

Colonel Meow sums it up best with his Twitter description: "I'm a grumpy, fluffy cat that wants to rule the world. I like treaties. I have a golden retriever named Boots who is my #1 Minion. Suck it."

5. Business Cat

As one of the internet's most famous animals with a job, Business Cat mixes traditional office jargon with cat behavior in a very amusing way. "Emilio" is a black tabby cat wearing a tie and set on the standard meme starburst background. The captions usually follow the same format: the top line is something that an office boss would say or ask, the bottom line is an ironically feline behavior.

Business Cat doesn't really have a job (duh). He's really a house cat named "Emilio" whose owner's girlfriend bought him a collar and tie from Etsy one Christmas, then uploaded his photo to Reddit. The rest, as they say, is history.

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