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10 Funniest Employed Animal Memes

From Chemistry Cat to Lawyer Dog, these pets mean business.


There is no shortage of internet memes featuring pictures of animals with witty sayings written on them, but lately we've noticed a hilarious new trend in the animal meme space. It all starts when someone gets bored and decides to dress up their dog or cat in people clothes and take their picture. Then maybe they get the idea to upload that photo to Reddit... and BAM! Before you know it, someone has taken that photo and given your pet a job, and a new professional animal(or Advice Animal, as they're known on Reddit) meme is born. Here is a handy list of some of our favorite animals who work hard for their money, just like we do.

1. Lawyer Dog

Mixing legalese with canine-related puns, this incorrigible Corgie was a permanent fixture on the meme circuit for most of 2011 and 2012.

2. Chemistry Cat

According to Know Your Meme, Chemistry Cat (Who also goes by "Science Cat") was originally a Russian stock image, which is weird enough without adding in the corny Chem puns that make up this meme. This is the opposite of the "I can haz" LOLcat speech; Chemistry Cat is smart, nerdy, and proud of it.

3. Financial Advice Dog

One of the first (and funniest) new memes of 2013, Financial Advice Dog offers sound business advice... with a typically canine twist. Most of his advice has to do with cutting the budget by getting rid of things he hates, like the cat and the vacuum cleaner.

4. Business Cat

Originating on Something Awful in 2011, this photo shows a cat who is wearing a new tie that he got for Christmas. Yes, really. Once the internet got a hold of it, Business Cat was born! Business Cat talks about, well, business... as it relates to pooping in litter boxes, playing with red laser dots, and other cat hobbies.

5. Captain Kitteh

And you thought having a drunk pilot was bad. Here we have Captain Kitteh, who, in spite of being afraid of water and laser pointers, will fly you to your destination with the utmost of professionalism.

6. Aristocat

Even though he is technically one of Reddit's "Advice Animals," this elitist, independently wealthy feline offers no constructive thoughts whatsoever. He is a snob, pure and simple, and most of his comments involve puking up hairballs on expensive things. And... it's hilarious. Favorite pun: "What did one poor person say to the other poor person?" Answer: "Who cares?"

7. Office Grizzly

We don't know how this photo of a bear in what looks to be an office cubicle came into existence, but we do know that once people started making jokes about having a grizzly bear as a coworker, we started laughing.

8. Business Dog

Okay, so he's pretty much exactly like Business Cat, but hey, he's a dog. He likes dog stuff, not cat stuff! He can also make a killer spreadsheet and knows how to fire someone without making them suicidal. In fact, I'm pretty sure I worked for him at some point, and he was a great boss (except for the butt-sniffing).

9. Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich

No, he's not really a pet, but he's still an animal so I say he still counts. This Ostrich sells books, and he judges you for which ones you read. He likes making fun of "Twilight" and anyone who reads it.

10. Web Developer Walrus

He's a walrus, and he also knows how to write code. What of it?

Many of these jokes are admittedly over my non-web developing head, but the few that I get are gold, Jerry. Gold.

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