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What's Up, Doge?

Such doge. Very confuse. Wow.


We Know Memes

If you spend any time reading online forums, blog comment sections, Reddit, Imgur, or even social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, chances are you've come across a comment that looks like it was written by either a child, or someone who doesn't speak English as a first language.  I'm not talking about poor grammar or spelling skills, I'm talking about a specific format of weird phrasing.  For instance, a photo of a car might have a comment below it that says, "Wow.  Such fast.  Very car."

Before you chalk a comment like this up to a low IQ or lack of Rosetta Stone access, get in on the joke by realizing they're trying to be funny by speaking "Doge," a specific kind of web slang.

What's a Doge?

The word "doge" or "dogge" is an intentional misspelling of the word dog.  The origin of this word is hard to pin down, but Know Your Meme tracks it back to an online puppet show that first used the word back in 2005.  Since then, the word has popped up here and there on 4chan and Reddit, usually as a tongue-in-cheek caption to go along with a goofy photo of a dog.  Soon a series of blogs popped up to display pictures of "doges," and a meme was born.

What does the typical Doge Meme look like?

The format for the doge meme is simple: Take a photo of a dog, preferably a Shiba Inu, and add in some strange, badly-worded internal monologue captions in Comic Sans font.

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