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'Star Wars,' Nothing but 'Star Wars'

"Star Wars" comedy links, featuring ''The Phantom Menace,'' "Attack of the Clones," and "Revenge of the Sith" top 10 lists, parody, satire, spoofs, Star Wars Kid, and that darn Darth. Plus, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has a few words for the fans.
Store Wars - The Organic Rebellion - Star Wars Movie Spoof - Grocery Store Wars
In a short movie parody of Star Wars, vegetables and other organic foods play out the intergalactic saga.
M&Ms Chocolate MPire - Star Wars M&Ms TV Commercial Spoof
The M&M chocolate candies reenact the Star Wars saga in a parody TV commercial used to promote M&Ms moving over to the dark chocolate side and Revenge of the Sith.
'Star Wars Kid'
The home video that rocked an Internet.
Clueless in Seclusion
From your About Guide, in "Remote Uncontrol," a story about moving to the country, Mike encounters Jar Jar Binks.
Evan's "Star Wars" Cinema
Short comedy films spoofing the sci-fi series may be viewed online.
"George Lucas in Love"
Wish I could show this comedy short to you, but it's currently unavailable for online viewing. You can buy a copy, though. Click through for price comparisons on home video purchases.
Phantom Barney Menace, The
First Jar Jar, and now an intergalactic purple Jedi dinosaur!
"Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" Chinese Mistranslations
A Chinese bootleg DVD of "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" reveals some hilarious and inappropriate subtitles. See this gallery of screenshots.
"Star Wars Gangsta Rap"
An ambitious musical parody Webtoon. The soundtrack is also available as an MP3.
"Stone Trek"
An animated Web cartoon series "where no caveman has gone before." The Flintstones meet classic "Star Trek" characters in these spoofs -- and "Star Wars" figures into the episode "Marooned on Tatooine."
"Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle"
Comedian Steve Oedekerk's Thumbs.com site presents live-action movie spoofs starring opposable actors. About "Star Wars," see a trailer for "Thumb Wars" and storyboards from the film.
Weird Al: The Saga Begins
See his music video parody for "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace."
Bart Wars
A comparison of "The Simpsons" and "Star Wars," from About Animated TV.
Additional "Star Wars" Humor
If you're still hungry after looking at our three pages of "Star Wars" links, About Sci-Fi/Fantasy Guide Julia Houston has an impressive list of sites spoofing the film series.
Chopped-Off Hands of "Star Wars," The
Gruesome humor at this charmer, claiming to be "the only site on the Internet devoted to all the hands that get chopped off in the 'Star Wars' saga." Ordinarily, I'd give it two thumbs, but I ain't saying nothing.
TheForce.net Humor
A major repository of humorous "Star Wars" news, funny pictures, and other spoofs. Don't miss the Parody Poster Gallery, and the fan-submitted Top 10 Lists and photo captionings.
George Lucas' "Star Wars: Episode II" Diary
The usual bunch of idiots at "MAD Magazine" uncovered the director's notes and doodles made during the filming of "Attack of the Clones."
Georgette's World
"Star Wars" pictures humor, featuring silly captions on stills from all the films in the series. Other fun includes a Sith Curses generator.
"How Darth Vader Got His Groove Back"
Darthy gets choked up recalling the good ol' days in this animated Web cartoon from Camp Chaos and What Is Deep Fried. Strong language.
How Jedi Are You?
This amusing questionnaire by Lawrie Malen reveals which "Star Wars" character you most resemble.
IFILM Unofficial "Star Wars" Spoofs
Short fan-films, including comedies with titles like: "American Jedi," "Glengarry Glen Darth," "Chewie's Star Wars Holiday Special," and "My Name Is Darth Vader."
"MAD" Presents "Star Wars: Episode II" Outtakes
Serious pictures from "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" have been satirized by the humor magazine with the addition of funny captions, launched in two parts.
"'MAD' 'Star Wars' Spectacular"
The parody magazine offers brief excerpts from their special edition highlighting the series with new humor and reissued material.
"Newfangled Hope, A"
In the traditions of Woody Allen's "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" and "MST3K," this ambitious parody strips the soundtrack from the original "Star Wars" film, replacing it with ludicrous dialogue and plotting. See the "new" version in nine parts.
"New 'Star Wars' Characters Revealed"
"The Daily Probe" has the scoop on Curly Fett, Jibba Jabba the Hutt, Rar-Rar Rinks, Darth Brooks, and others.
Official "Star Wars" Fan Film Awards, The
Dozens of short spoof winners and finalists are on view at AtomFilms, including "Stargeeks," "Jar Jar's Walking Papers," "SW Project," and "Darth Vader's Psychic Hotline."
"Plan 9 From George Lucas"
Also known as "The Making of: 'Attack of the Clones!'" This animated Webtoon will be entertaining to schlock film lovers familiar with the life and work of Edward D. Wood, Jr. Nice job from Camp Chaos. Need Flash?
"Star Wars" Astrology
"The Zodiac Strikes Back," says Ophira.com. What's your sign? I'm a Lando with my "head in the clouds" (and malt liquor in my gut).
"Star Wars" Blooper Guide
Several hundred "mistakes" are described and frequently accompanied by screen captures from the films to illustrate.
"Star Wars" Caught on Tape
Besides the unintentionally funny "Star Wars Holiday Special" listed below, the characters made TV guest appearances in the unlikeliest places: "The Donny and Marie Show" with Paul Lynde, "Sesame Street," and a Bob Hope Christmas special with the Muppets. Photos and transcripts capture the humor/horror. Extra grins: screen tests of Kurt Russell, Cindy Williams, Robby Benson, and others.
"Star Wars" Designer Edition
From the Web site: "It is a period of stylistic banality. The rebellion is looking dowdy and the evil Galactic Empire has grown too fond of industrial finishes. Dull grey is the 'in' color. A design task force, called the Aesthetic Avengers, is assembled under the direction of JustinSpace and dispatched to make-over a galaxy far, far away..."
"Star Wars" Editorial Cartoons
Edivu is another source of current events being twisted into "SW" themes. Here are a few sketches you may not have seen elsewhere from major cartoonists.
"Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" Cartoons
Dozens of top editorial cartoonists used "Star Wars" themes during the frenzy surrounding the opening of this film. A collection by Pro Cartoonists Index.
"Star Wars Holiday Special, The"
This infamous 1978 musical-variety Christmas season show featured the original movie's cast with guests Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, Art Carney, and Jefferson Starship. Planet Tokyo presents a blow-by-blow review and enough schlocky screen captures to keep you awake nights.
"Star Wars" Humor @ WWWF Grudge Match
Hypothetical battles between "Star Wars" characters and outsiders are proposed and dissected with humorous results. Enjoy fights like Solo vs. Kirk, Anakin Skywalver vs. Harry Potter, Ewoks vs. Gremlins, and John McClane vs. The Death Star.
"Star Wars" Humor Image Pages
Han and Leia's Family Album, Alternative Casting photographs, plus another collection of magazine and newspaper cartoons, from BlueHarvest.net.
"Star Wars in Black"
A spoof movie trailer of "Star Wars" meets "The Matrix" is on view at IFILM. (If you experience technical problems, try the other speed choice.)
"Star Wars" Sound
Mammoth fan site BlueHarvest.net sticks dozens of humorous .WAV and .MP3 sound bites and audio spoofs in your ears. This page of treats includes Bill Murray's "Saturday Night Live" rendition of "Star Wars," "Yoda Having Sex," "Shakespearian 'Star Wars,'" Christmas special clips, song parodies, French version samples, plus Johnny Carson and Bob Hope impersonators' monologues.
"Star Wars" Spankings
If you thought substituting the word "pants" into these movies' dialogue was funny, bend over.
"Star Wars": The Official Site Gag
Learn how George Lucas is repackaging the "Star Wars," "SW2 Electric Boogaloo," & "Jedi" trilogy again, and details on the upcoming prequel, "Here Come the Jedis!" From Doug Anderson.
"Star Wars" Title Generator, The
Many fans bristled when the "Attack of the Clones" title was announced. Thanks to this random generator toy by The Brunching Shuttlecocks, you can create a galaxy of substitutions or name the next chapter. How about "The Teenage Astonishing Wookiees From Outer Space"?
"Star Words"
At the beginning of each "Star Wars" movie, ever wonder where those words flying through space are headed? This quickie animation from Killfrog has the answer.
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits the ''Star Wars'' Nerds
A clip of the classic confrontation of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and "Star Wars" nerds waiting in line to see "Attack of the Clones." From IFILM and "Late Night With Conan O'Brien." A longer, uncut clip may still be available to watch at Milk and Cookies.
Ultimate "Star Wars" Bloopers Site, The
More than 320 errors, usually continuity-related, are documented from the series, thanks to Blooperman. Amusing reading for die hard fans.
Wookiee Theatre
Weird parodies integrate "Star Wars" figures into other movies and TV shows, such as "Battlestar Galactica," "The A-Team," and "Alien." Presented in comic strip style at Toshi Station.
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