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Sound Bites and Sound Effects

.WAV and .MP3 sound bites and sound effects from movies, TV shows, cartoons, comedians, and assorted entertainments -- plus sound effects for computers and answering machines.
The Shemp Meditation Tapes
The Shemp Meditation Tapes will put you right with the world, especially after attacks from seltzer bottles and flying pies. Hear the melodious sounds of Shemp Howard of The Three Stooges.
Sound Advice
Killer audio comedy, sound bites and effects from "Cartoon Sounds," "The .WAV Collection," "Insane WAVs," "WAV Place,"  "SoundResource.NET" and "'A Night at the Opera' Sights and Sounds."
Sound Advice 2
More nifty nutty noise from "WAV Events," "WAV Rider's Wave Page," "My Fave WAVs," "Krazywavs," "Timeless TV Tunes" and "Tidalwavs."
Sound Advice 3
Thousands of comical bites, including theme songs, bloopers, and sound effects are ready to grab in this collection of .WAV and .MP3 destinations: WavPlanet, MovieSoundsCentral, About Animated TV, EarthStation1, Sound America, Frogstar, and British Comedy WAVs.
Sound Bites, but I Like 'Em
Hear ye, more great sound clips warehouses filled with snippy snippets from comedy movies, TV, cartoons and miscellany. Visit "The House of WAVs," "WavRunner," "Funny WAVs," "Brandon's Ultimate Sound Pages," "The Definitive James Bond Sounds Page, plus classics "Movie Sounds" and "Favorite Scenes From Pink Panther Films."
Classic "Hollywood Squares" Site, The
From the Peter Marshall-hosted era of the comedy game show, regulars Paul Lynde, Charley Weaver, George Gobel, Rose Marie, and Wally Cox are well-represented with Q & A quotations, as are other regulars and guest stars -- many as sound clips. Program photographs, memorabilia, and trivia available, too.
I Love WAVs
A big, eclectic collection of sound bites and sound effects from many sources for many occasions, plus answering machine messages and prank phone calls are in the mix.
Kids in the Hall Audio Archive - Sound Bites - Kids in the Hall TV Comedy
Numerous sound bites from the cult TV comedy series can be heard at the Kids in the Hall Audio Archive.
Michael Jackson Soundboard
Have a conversation with Michael Jackson via this versatile soundboard, featuring audio quotes of the pop star on demand.
Mike's Classic Cartoon Themes and Images - Audio Sound Bites and Screenshots
Mike's Classic Cartoon Themes and Images is a large depository for TV animation shows. Hear theme songs sound bites and see screenshots from the comic films.
MyThemes.TV - Formerly ThemesOnline
More than 1000 TV theme songs from decades of sitcoms and comedy variety shows (and others) can be found at this giant sound files resource compiled by Mark Little.
Boasting more than 24,000 sound bites, you should be able to find one or two comical clips at SoundAmerica.
Sorry Gotta Go - Emergency Sound Bites to End Telephone Calls
Sorry Gotta Go is a fine idea, a soundboard with dozens of effects sound bites to play when a pesky telemarketer or unwanted conversation ties you to your telephone at home or in the office. Click these noises in hearing range and you're free! You're free!
Stinking Badges
The famous quotation from Humphrey Bogart's 1948 movie, "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," has been copied and spoofed numerous times. This page is decated to documenting all such references, including sound bites and video clips.
Answering Machine, The
A huge collection of announcements for your phone, many funny. "Hello, this is the Answering Service's Answering Service..."
Nearly 200 sound bites are presented at the definitive site devoted to this comedy. More about CarlSpackler.com.
Calvert DeForest
Best known as Late Night with David Letterman's Larry "Bud" Melman, Calvert presents some cool CBS Late Show clips in WAV and RealAudio. He was Batman, you know.
Chris Farley Sounds
An assortment of clips from "Tommy Boy," "Saturday Night Live," and interviews, from "The Chris Farley Memorial Site."
Sound bites and other odds and ends, politically incorrect and sexual. Explicit content.
Daily.WAV, The
Back your ears up to the computer and load these amusing sound bites. Surprise, it's Mae West or Scraggy of "Scooby-Doo," and everyone in between. Hear here.
Three big pages of Jackie Gleason audio clips at HaminaHamina.com, mostly from "The Honeymooners."
Happy Haunting
Cool noises and clips from shows, including Little Shop of Horrors and The Twilight Zone. Also, you might enjoy the sinister recipes and games offered.
The Movie Sounds Page
An oasis of audio! Event sound bites for computers, plus all kinds of flicks' clips, like "Toy Story," "Men in Black," "Grease," "Ghostbusters," "Austin Powers," "Grumpy Old Men." Rated R.
Muppets Sounds
Everybody's favorite felt and ping pong balls are featured in these quick WAVs. Hear Kermit, Beaker, Bunsen, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, and more, from Muppets.com.
Pocket Sound Files
An eclectic collection of over 100 assorted RealAudio and WAV sounds and movie/TV bites to attach to emails or use in your computer effects, from "The Pocket Internet."
Pusboil's WAV Page
Funny movie and TV sounds from "Arthur," "Beavis & Butt-head," "The Honeymooners," "The Simpsons," "Friends," "Dennis Miller," "Saturday Night Live," "The Blues Brothers," "Monty Python," cartoons, and my favorite show, "Miscellaneous."
"Rough Draft"
"A 100% untrue history of pop culture ... Behind every box-office smash, bestselling book, and hit television show lies a rough draft, the creator's original vision in its purest form. For the first time ever, these forgotten blueprints of the creative process have been gathered" by Modern Humorist. Sample photos, e-cards, and sounds from the book.
Rush Limbaugh Program Song Parodies, The
Welcome to Paro-dise, home of Paul Silhan, master impressionist, featured on radio's top-rated show. Hear song snippets and read complete lyrics from his political satires and Clinton classics.
Sound Effects for Your Cat
Meows, purrs, can openers ... all the noises you need, from Yuckles.
Sound Effects for Your Dog
Howling, whines, doorbells, and more clips from Yuckles.
Sound Effects for Your Man
Snores, burps, scratches, the works from Yuckles. (Hmmm, I wonder why they don't have any sounds for women? How hard could it be to find a "ka-ching"?)
South Park Studios
It's the mother lode of sounds on Comedy Central's official "South Park" site, featuring multiple WAV excerpts from nearly all episodes to date of the outrageous and profane animated comedy. Kenny kills me.
Sun SITE Sounds
Annotations for the various clips are non-existent, but if you want to play potluck and punch around, you'll find some great AU files, including cartoons, Monty Python and "Seinfeld."
Wav Central
Promising over three gigs of sound, this big site has reams of television shows, movies, commercials, and sound effects selections to fulfill your sense of fun.
More than 2200 WAV sound bites from movies, TV shows, and cartoons are located by categories or inside a searchable database. Titles include "Young Frankenstein," "Trading Places," "Three Amigos," "Stripes," "My Cousin Vinny," "Fletch," "Goonies," and "Beetlejuice."
Why a Duck? Marxes Sound Off!
Wow! It doesn't get any better than this. The Marx Bros.' entire filmography is represented with scores of choice cuts. Also, rare radio and television material. Hail, Freedonia!
Nearly 5000 sound bites from movies and television, completely searchable or displayed on 200 pages of miscellaneous items. Some cuts are R-rated.
Wizard of Oz, The
Three dozen WAV cuts from the 1939 classic film's official site, featuring all your favorites and Toto, too. It's Munchkin Fever! Catch it!
You've Got Mail!
Not to be confused with the Tom Hanks film, this sound bites depository offers "New Mail Notification WAV File" clips from movies, TV, sound effects, and commercials.
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