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Book Review of "Baby, You're As Sweet As 3.14159265"

Relationship Advice From Burgeoning Funnyman, HogWild


Book Review of

I was recently contacted by a writer and comedian who goes by the name of HogWild. This web humorist has self-published an e-book called, Baby, You're As Sweet As 3.14159265, 101 Funny Love Advice Answers, 20 Sexy Stories, & Lots of Jokes, and he has recently signed a book deal to produce a second humor book.

Full disclosure: The author provided me with a free digital copy of his book (a $3.99 value), but I was not compensated for this review. So here's the scoop.

Who is HogWild?

With one look inside his book, it is obvious that HogWild is a very, very funny guy. He is a former Clear Channel radio personality, and his humor writing has appeared in long-standing comedy institutions like Mad magazine. A quick peek at his wildly popular Twitter feed (with 25,000+ followers) will show you that he is a quick witted and good-natured fellow. In recent years he has been focusing on giving sex and relationship advice to his fans, which is where the source material for his first book originated.

What's the book about?

Baby, You're As Sweet As 3.14159265 is a collection of love, sex, and relationship Q&A, along with personal anecdotes from HogWild's dating experience and childhood. As you would expect from a book offering sex advice, parts of the text are extremely risque, and if you're easily offended by mature content, this probably isn't the book for you. However, if you don't shy away from frank talk about sexuality, you will likely find some solid words of advice sprinkled in among the jokes.

Answering questions such as, "I really like this guy. One problem: He has a girlfriend! How do I get him to dump her for me?" and "Should I save sex for marriage? Might I lose a great guy over this?" provides an excellent platform for HogWild's brand of comedy, which is a mixture of sane, practical advice and frank, shock-jock style humor.

What is the book's format?

HogWild's joke style is the gold standard for comedians: Set 'em up, knock 'em down, repeat. When taken individually, each joke in this book can stand alone and make you laugh, and it's easy to picture any of his hundreds of one-liners being greeted by uproarious applause from a live audience in a comedy club. However, when presented in book form, these jokes tend to come a little too fast and furious. My only complaint with the book had to do with format, and much of this problem could have been solved by a good editor and layout specialist.

The addition of photos, graphics, or even web comics would benefit this e-book, and it would help if the 101 questions and answers were divided into chapters according to subject matter. With nothing to break up the flow of the 374 pages, the readability was substantially diminished, and I found myself having to take frequent breaks instead of tearing through the material as I wanted to do. However, these gripes are comparatively minor, and I enjoyed the content very much.

Sample Jokes

Here are a few jokes from the book that made me laugh:

  • "The most important tip to dating on social networks is to avoid making the mistake of “liking” your own status. Because when you "like" your own Facebook status it's like when you're having sex and you slap your own ass."
  • "They say you can get a girl to like you, if you can make her jealous. So I make sure the girl sees me with a pretty expensive handbag!"
  • HINT: Never compare a girl's vagina to a clown car.

All in all, I found Baby, You're as Sweet as 3.14159265 (101 Funny Love Advice Answers, 20 Sexy Stories, & Lots of Jokes) to be a funny and entertaining read, and believe it or not, you just might get some good advice out of it, too.

You can learn more about HogWild on his website. His second humor book, a collection of fifty outrageous drinking games, is called The Shitfaced Games: A Shot at Glory and Gold for the Wasted Warrior (Running Press), and it will be available in the Fall of 2013.

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