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Onion Radio News


Onion Radio News: The hard-hitting Doyle Redland serves daily audio revelations of the freshest, most in-depth fake news. Listen now to the .MP3 reports from "America's Finest News Source," tossed into a large archive of previous investigations.
Keep Up to the Minute With Stories Like These:
  • Diabetic Child's Survival Hinges On Contents Of Piñata
  • What's Left Of Pamela Anderson Married Again
  • Eighth-Grade Reading List Heavily Favors Stuff That Sucks Big Time
  • Monarch Butterfly Begins 2,000-Mile Migration Toward Windshield
  • Crazy Man Announces Plan To Stand In Doorway, Yell At Cars
  • Celebrating Hardware Customer Buys Everyone Round Of Dry-Wall Screws
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