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Selected News Satire Every Day


For some time, our Today's Breaking News Satire feature has been powered by SatireSearch, which aggregates bundles of spoof reporting from a variety of wise guys each week. It's a fine resource of fake events from around the globe, but unbridled content does appear in the mix, which is why we warn potential readers of the choppy waters in advance.

HumorFeed is a similar satirical buffet, but less -- and that's not a bad thing. Incorporating many of the same source sites as SatireSearch, HumorFeed has established an editorial review system designed to reward quality writing, highlighting big and small contributors alike. It's a well-meaning effort to promote the best stories available in smaller servings, currently averaging a dozen entries each day. While the topics lampooned often skew to adult material, the group of, perhaps, 50 contributors, strives to work clean and not reward profanity. Think of HumorFeed as fostering a more genteel kick in the butt.

On a serious note to satirists and other interested parties, HumorFeed offers an interesting side project, Check Please!

    ''Check Please! is a journal devoted to the serious examination of online satire, ranging from its role in relation to actual journalism to practical considerations of producing an online satire site. It is intended as a resource for both the online satire and journalism communities.''
Visit HumorFeed directly, or click the handy links added to the top and bottom of the Today's Breaking News Satire page. As much as two weeks of specially selected short stories are accessible at all times.

Read: HumorFeed

Mike Durrett worked as a comedian in radio and several independent films, and as a gag man for entertainment personalities before producing and writing About Humor as our Guide, starting in 1998. He publishes original humor on MikeDurrett.com and TheTopOneList.com. Click for more info on Humor Boy.

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