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Bob and Tom: The Bob and Tom Show

Radio Comedy


Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold host the four-time Marconi Award-winning comedy radio program. The five-per-week wake-up chat fest features heavyweight sidekicks Chick McGee and Kristi Lee. Together, they dissect and tickle the news, pop culture, and each other with quick-witted quips and a slew of hilarious items, including song parodies, commercial spoofs, phone-in characters, and an incessant parade of strong celebrities. Chief among those are the stand-up comedians, such as Kevin Pollak, Rodney Carrington, George Lopez, Emo Philips, Bob Zany, Mike Armstrong, Brian Regan, and Larry the Cable Guy, who drop by to gab big chunks of their acts and improvise commentary.

Generally, the talk is non-political and skews to adult tastes. The gang loves to stomp the borderline of naughtiness without crossing over into outrage and the witless. The double entendres are often little miracles of comic invention, sounding dirty, but delightfully harmless.

The Bob and Tom Show is heard on 150 stations coast-to-coast, but only a few free stream the broadcasts online. I listen mornings via WOFX-FM, Cincinnati (5-11 ET) and KHKK-FM, Modesto (5-9 PT), plus WIOT-FM, Toledo (5-10 ET) and KKGL-FM, Boise (6-10 PT). Check Bob and Tom's Affiliates page to locate others.

If you're open to a pay subscription, Bob and Tom's VIP package is reasonable, packed with tons of content. The centerpiece is the commercial-free broadcasts on demand whenever. An archive of complete programs are accessible to enjoy via computer or podcasts. Thousands of best-of bits are also catalogued. See their Oddities pages for no-charge audio highlights, text humor, and funny pictures.

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