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Pranks, Practical Jokes

Prank phone calls, email pranks, computer pranks, urban legends and hoaxes are found here or maybe we're just pulling your leg.
The April Fool's Day Defense Kit
They left out the suit of armor, but otherwise here are some good tips to prevent yourself from being duped by nefarious jokers.
The Museum of Hoaxes
All about hoaxes, real life pranks and practical jokes are revealed in the museum.
Operation relliM
College students rearrange the furnishings of a dorm room for an upside-down practical joke.
Mr. Doubletalk
Durwood Fincher befuddles corporate audiences with his sincere doublespeak. Enjoy fun selections of Mr. Doubletalk and his practical jokes video clips.
Improv Everywhere Mission: Best Buy
An elaborate prank executed in a Best Buy department store.
Prangstgrup - Prankster Group - Practical Jokes - Prangstgrup Comedy Videos
Prangstgrup is a group of pranksters at play via performance art. See their practical jokes and other short videos on demand.
Quit Staring at My Pranks - Cockeyed Pranks and Practical Jokes - Switcheroos
More than a dozen elaborate pranks and practical jokes are illustrated and described in detail, so begin Quit Staring at My Pranks.
The Top 10 College Pranks of All Time - College Practical Jokes
The Top 10 College Pranks of All Time ranks some good ones based on creativity, fame, and shock value. The Museum of Hoaxes also provides fine details of the stunts.
Flapart Alternative Book Covers - Prank Book Jackets With Phony Gag Titles
Book cover jackets with phony titles to prank observers.
Lumpy Porridge Pranks
Simple anytime pranks and practical jokes, including computer stunts.
Power Blackout Satellite Photo Hoax
Many email victims were hoodwinked by this phony picture depicting the continental United States during the North American power outage in August, 2003.
Practical Joker, The
A giant warehouse of ideas for pranks and practical jokes. Or is it? Maybe I'm just trying to see if I can make you click the link. BWA-HA-HAAAAAA!!...
Paul Is Dead
Relive the 1969 hoax that rocked The Beatles' fans around the world.
ZUG Prank-tacular, The
April Fool's Day and anytime pranks and practical jokes.
Current Netlore
Nothing says "prank" like a boldfaced lie. From About Urban Legends and Folklore: Internet hoaxes, email rumors, and urban legends.
Irn-Bru - The Wind-Up the World Web Site
An excellent package from the U.K.: With downloadable files including "You've Been Blamed" emails, plus "Spoof Wares" and "Screwy Screens," numerous software pranks to jolt your friends. Have fun sifting through the other departments for more laughs, oddities, and the occasional practical joke. (As always, remember to virus scan all downloads before execution.)
Museum of Hoaxes, The
Extensive listings and explanations of hoaxes from year 750 to the present, including special galleries of Hoax Web Sites (themselves practical jokes), Hoax Photos, and April Fool's Day put-ons. Check Hoax Watch for news on current pranks and take the quizzes: Hoax Photo Test and Gullibility Test.
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