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Funny All Occasions Greeting Cards: 123-M

On this first of several funny email greeting cards pages, you'll find humorous postcards for all occasions. Send 'em to your friends or simply enjoy browsing through the cards for their jokes and humorous content.
Hoops and Yoyo
The stars of their own line of Hallmark greeting cards have a wildly silly online home with free email sentiments, downloads, and surprises.
LameCards.com - Really Lame Ecards - Greeting Cards for All Occasions and Indifference
The best greeting cards are kind of lame to begin with, so why not send a truly lame sentiment with these really Lame Cards for all occasions.
Crabby old Maxine is the superstar of Hallmark Cards. Find Maxine gifts and free e-greeting cards with her wit and wisdom.
123 Greetings
A big selection of all occasion items underscored with gentle humor. Special cards targeted to celebrate daily events.
"Search for your favorite slice of pop culture and relive great memories from six decades" with these nostalgic magazine advertisements and posters, humorous and otherwise. Easily select from predetermined categories or by year. Each ad may become an email greeting card with customized message, too.
Amazon.com Cards
Clever, cute, contemporary cards require your message, but feature funny "fronts," some animated. There's a Humor section, although most areas have something smiley.
American Greetings
Hundreds of professional email greeting cards for all occasions, both funny and traditional. There's even a designated card of the day year 'round. Simply, one of the best selections on the Net. Free and paid subscription areas.
Blue Mountain Arts
Huge selection of animated, musical cards. Pretty much any occasion available, often with low key humorous greetings. Some free, most for a fee.
"Cracked" Cards
The long-running sophomoric humor magazine presents a few tacky cards aimed at kids and teenagers.
E-Kissing Booth
Send customized lip caricatures or pre-puckered wacky and all occasion pouty greetings selected among this ample array from thekiss.com.
Most cards are for available for a few, although you'll find a few free ones. A huge selection of professional comedy. Fresh topics added regularly. Solid funniness here.
A big selection of fun pages filled with jokes or cartoons for various occasions. All are forwardable to friends like more conventional email greeting cards.
Garfield's Post Office
Everyone's favorite fat cat from the funny papers has his own line of free greeting cards with gentle, but amusing sentiments. Send them at Jim Davis' Garfield.com.
Greetings from the Bates Motel
A promotion for the ''Psycho'' movie remake features the picturesque overnight spot (unfortunately with a new old house on the hill). A card for all you cut-ups.
Greetings from Why a Duck?
What could induce more smiles from fans than a picture of our boys, Harpo, Groucho, Chico, and, sometimes, Zeppo? A great collection of Marx Bros. publicity and media stills.
Internet Cartoons by Glasbergen
Color art, plus additional Randy Glasbergen Cartoons of the Day (accessible from @Postcards home page).
Clever, free animated messages for all occasions.
Muppet Central Cards
All occasion email cards, featuring original art and parodies. Big selection. Lady pig.
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