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Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures is a scrapbook of sorts, featuring snapshots, photographs, drawings, posters and anything visually amusing. A picture's worth a 1000 laughs.
Folks replace their faces with record album faces in these funny pictures galleries.
Girls With Meat Hair
See the latest meat hairstyles for ladies in this collection of fashion funny photos.
Batman Onomatopoeias
Batman Onomatopoeias
Webshots: Humor Gallery
See a large grab bag of funny pictures and other images.
Gallery of Overloaded Vehicles - Funny Pictures - Real Life Humor
Stuffed cars, trains, and bicycles are among the amazing and funny photographs in this collection.
A big collection of humorous posters for sale, but you don't have to shop to enjoy the images.
Bubble Project, The
Artist Ji Lee placed thousands of blank cartoon bubbles on posters and advertisements throughout New York. After time elapsed, he photographed the graffiti seen in this big gallery of funny pictures and real life humor.
ErotiCat Homepage, The
From our Humor Erotica collection, ''This site contains images of feline nudity'' and Eroticat news.
Gene Simmons' Celebrity Bedroom
From our Humor Erotica section: The lover boy from KISS whoops it up with a parade of show business honeys in these tongue-in-cheek snapshots.
It's the Amazing Saddam Quiz
Your objective: Choose the photos of the real Saddam, not his body doubles.
Janet Jackson Breast Cupcakes
Boobalicious recipe, Super Bowl-inspired goodness.
Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
While not as enticing as "Women Who Look Like Amanda Peet" or "Humor Guide Who Looks Like Someone Amanda Peet Could Neck," this site does make an interesting statement: Kenny's recipe for corn muffins! Read more and see the photographs...
Mr. Know-It-All's Online Guide to Signs
This recognized world authority has jumped to our rescue with his special explanations to the latest traffic signs.
My Cat Hates You
Hoo boy, you are one disliked human. Photo evidence.
Nipple Server, The
From our Humor Erotica collection, a conscientious Webmaster took a photograph of his left breast each day and shares his gallery of art.
Scared of Santa Photo Gallery
Here's a funny collection of real life pictures featuring Christmas kids sitting on Santa Claus' lap, showing their fear and tears.
Scary Baby Conspiracy, The
Visit the dark underworld cribs of scary babies for an amazing series of photographs.
Sixty Wackiest "LIFE" Covers
Classic images from the magazine's archive.
Themepark Fashions
Sure, a sweaty dweeb inside Mickey Mouse inside a tux somehow negates Mr. Blackwell's master plan, but what about the mere mortals and taste disasters shuffling through the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland? Hidden camera photographs provide laughs for us buff, nattily attired snobs.
Tom Arma Costumed Babies Photo Galleries
Numerous collections of cute babies in adorable costumes are shown from photographer Tom Arma.
Ultra Disguise Kits for Dogs
Some breeds of dog have been legislated out of public acceptance, so one organization is developing Ultra Disguise Kits for Dogs to camouflage your pup.
Numerous photos mixed with cartoons have been separated into categories for select viewing. To get started, scroll down the page to the funny pictures menu.
Art Juxtaposed Online Gallery
Witness these strange paintings of Nelson De La Nuez, who claims to be part artist, part comedian. He takes the masters (Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh) and combines their styles with pop culture images.
Attrition.org Image Gallery
You've seen some of these eye-catching snapshots and clippings before, but with more than 3200 selections, in categories like Amusing Advertisements, Signs of All Kinds, License Plates, and Spoofs, there's much to keep you smiling. Read the disclaimer, nudity and explicit content are scattered throughout. Hosted at Internet Archive.
Growing archive of mostly tasteless items relying heavily on sexual matters.
Dognose Heaven
"Big noses. Small noses. Flat noses. Long noses. Black, pink, or brown. From boxers to beagles, from huskies to hound dogs. They're cold, wet, and ready to sniff your ear!" says this gallery of dozens and dozens of up close and nasal photographs of puppy snouts. Or we're barking up the wrong holes.
Friz-Elvis: a Hunka-Hunka Birdie Love
Now playing in the Disgraceland Showroom, The Budgie King, Elvis Presley imbirdator. See silly photos of the flighty star with a former President and sweetie, Frizilla, plus his baby picture. Quick laughs.
Japanese Engrish
Not everything translates exactly as intended from one language to another. Check out these attempts at real English by well-meaning Japanese on their consumer products, signs, t-shirts, etc.
Nicely organized galleries: Risque, People, Cartoons, Animals, Sports, Billboards, Road Signs, Computer, Advertisement Spoofs, Clinton, Political, Random. Each photo is pre-rated G to R on the table of contents pages.
"The Lord of the Rings" Comic Images Archive
Doctored frames from the movie and silly captions, presented by Tookish's Ticklers.
Redneck Pacifier
From EmailBliss, a picture is worth a thousand words and two teeth.
"Rough Draft"
"A 100% untrue history of pop culture ... Behind every box-office smash, bestselling book, and hit television show lies a rough draft, the creator's original vision in its purest form. For the first time ever, these forgotten blueprints of the creative process have been gathered" by Modern Humorist. Sample photos, e-cards, and sounds from the book.
Shades of Liberty
America's founding fathers toiled for the right to wear funny glasses. An amusing and patriotic gallery of photographs by Kat Caverly, presented in Broadband or 56K speeds.
"Star Wars" Parody Poster Gallery
Fans of the series will enjoy these phony movie ads at TheForce.net. Also of interest, picture captioning.
Webshots: Humor Gallery
Hundreds of grins can be found in this photographic grab bag stuffed with everything between pets and posters. For a different mix, try this batch searched on the word "funny."
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