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Cell Phones Humor and Funny Ringtones

Cellular phone humor and funny ringtones and free comedy-themed melodies to customize your cell phone calls -- or just to listen to for a smile.
Ringtone Tools
Need help changing the ringtone melodies inside your mobile phone? These aids and the entire About Cell Phones / Pagers site call-up the answers. Most importantly, discover how to capture online ringtones for your telephone, free!
Truly Free Mobile Ringtones Page, The
More from About Cell Phones / Pagers: There's always something amusing to be heard among the free batches of sounds available here. Categories include Morbid Melodies, Ringtones a-Go-Go, and Mystery Ringtones.
Cell Phone Theater
Stunningly detailed "Jaws," "You've Got Mail," "Indiana Jones," "Karate Kid," and "Rear Window" in prestigious letterboxed format. The movies are "small (and short) because they were originally developed for display on Web-enabled cell phones," says dack.com. "This kind of action and drama should not be restricted to the 'gadgeterati.' Now everyone can enjoy stick figure head removal!"
1 Stop for Logos - Ringtones - Picture Messages - SMS
UK-based provider has much to offer in each category, plus voicemail greetings. Some adult material.
RingTone JukeBox
Big North American resource offering all kinds of cellular phone melodies, including lots of funny ones ("Austin Powers," "I Dream of Jeannie," "Green Acres," James Bond 007). Plus, many logo graphics, including animal, movie, and cartoon items.
William Hung Ringtones
The "American Idol" favorite sings from your phone when you receive a call. Perfect for wrong numbers! Listen to William Hung's ringtone samples online, although you'll have to buy the recordings for actual installation. We can dream, though, can't we?
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