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Prank Phone Calls

A wide assortment of prank phone calls and crank calls, some featuring celebrity telephone pranks from, perhaps, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, and others.
Crossed Lines and Bad Connections
Prank phone calls with a twist: two unsuspecting parties are thrown together to sort things out.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Call, The
Using audio clips from Arnold's movies, a prankster calls a Gateway Computers customer service representative. Their conversation has been animated by Madblast. Strong language.
Arnold Schwarzenneger Prank Calls, The
Prank phone calls really voiced by Arnold, sort of. It's more audio trickery utilizing sound bites from his films to make conversation; nevertheless, here are surefire laughs from Underground Online. Strong language.
Bart Simpson's Phone Calls to Moe's
Telephone pranks are a running gag on "The Simpsons." Young Bart loves to taunt the gullible neighborhood bartender with outrageous messages. The Simpsons Archive notates each occurrence in the series, providing the conversations in transcript form, along with Moe's furious threats. "Bea O'Problem! Bea O'Problem! Come on, guys, do I have a Bea O'Problem here?"
Celebrity Prank Phone Calls and Soundboards
Pranksters from eBaumsworld, armed with multiple movie and TV audio clips, phone unsuspecting targets for playback "chats" with Judge Judy, Jack Black, Ms. Cleo, Dr. Phil, Howard Stern, Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker, Joe Pesci, Samuel L. Jackson, and others. The results are hilarious; the Jack Nicholson call floored me. Make your own nonsense with the provided sound bites. Uncensored language.
Crank Yankers
On Comedy Central's prank phone calls series, actual telephone conversations, provoked by comedians such as Jimmy Kimmel, Wanda Sykes, and Denis Leary, are lip-synched by puppets. The highlights of this site are the multimedia clips and the Crank Yankers games. Adult content.
Phil Hendrie Show, The
This improv wonder talks to himself in hoax interviews, driving unsuspecting phone callers into rages, which makes for hilarious radio. Past programs are archived, currently subject to paid subscriptions. Listen free to complete shows, weekdays on WGST, Atlanta, 7-10 p.m., Eastern. Adult content.
Radio Prank
Hours of non-stop rude, crude, and lewd prank phone calls from the Jerky Boys, Roy D. Mercer, Jim Florentine, Tom Mabe, The Touch-Tone Terrorists, and others are streamed at Live365. The calls that connect bring tears of hilarity. Alternate access to the audio feed is available here.
Roy D. Mercer
Armed with a 55-gallon can of Whup Ass, redneck Roy gets satisfaction from a variety of phone prank targets. Hear full audio conversations in the "Speed Dial" section of his virtual double-wide, while you enjoy several pages of Royisms -- or "I'm gonna be on you like ugly on a Baldwin brother." Some adult content.
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