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"The Passion of the Christ" Humor

Mel Gibson's controversial religious film, "The Passion of the Christ," has become a mammoth hit and the inevitable target of satirists. Here are, believe it or not, some of the less offensive cartoons, jokes, and parody articles we've witnessed. Adult content.
"Jesus Christ, Box-Office Superstar"
Hollywood ready to cash in on Son of God craze, says "The Humor Gazette."
"Jesus Christ Is Now More Popular Than John Lennon"
Forty years after the ex-Beatle proclaimed his popularity, Jesus regains the top slot, reveals "Bongo News."
"The Passion of the Christ: The Second Coming?"
Hollywood plans the sequel, reports "The Wired Press."
"Passion of the Christ: A Warlock Hunt"
Men better head for the hills, warns "The Spoof."
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