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Name Generators, Lists and Databases

Looking for a new name or wondering how names translate into other situations? Check these comical online name databases, servers, toys and lists.
Anagram Genius Server
Type in your name and discover dozens of variations when the letters are rearranged.
Band List
A big, hilarious collection of available names for up-and-coming musical groups.
Middle-Earth Multi-Name Generators
Five-in-one "The Lord of the Rings" thingamajig reveals your past Middle-earth, Orkish, Elven, Dwarven, and Hobbit names.
Punny Name Archive
A mammoth listing of more than 32,000 real people with humorous names. Pick a new alias.
Redneck Name Generator, The
Here's our test drive report on this novelty. Unfortunately, at this writing, it appears a mysterious registration process is necessary to access the generator for new names, Cletus.
Rock, Pop, Rap, and Country Star Music Name Generators
What do ya think? Do I look like a Captain Hendrix?
Ultimate List of Stupid Names, The
Not an automatic generator, but a lengthy compilation of ridiculous monikers. Got that, Colin Allcars?
War on Terror Anagrams
Rearrange the letters of "Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden" and get these new words: "Unhandsome, animal-assed baddies." Hey, kids, it's fun with anagrams!
What's Your Pokename?
I'm considering Poke Diddy.
Your Secret Name
How to determine your Soap Opera Name, Adult Movie Star Name, and Drag Queen Name.
Baby Name Generator
"Each day billions of mothers and fathers sift through our collection of over 30 names in search of an appropriate moniker for their little fetus pie," claims "Name That Baby: A Guide for Soon-to-Be-Parents," from "Modern Humorist." Browse popular names, search perfect names, discover the meaning of any name.
Cereal Name Transmogrifier
Operating on the principle "there is a secret box of cereal inside each and every person," Big Yellow Cereal has devised technology to tell you your name if you were morning roughage. I'm Flakey Nutclusters, nice to meet you. Yeah, yeah, I've got raisins.
Fred Society, The
Making the world a better place for all Freds. At the Fredquarters, visit the Fred Museum, read Fred Stories, enjoy Fred Cartoons, and learn about Fred Sightings, Famous Freds, and Fred-a-Phobia, or my name's not Mike.
Hobbit Name Generator, The
Take it from me, Ferdirand Underhill of Frogmorton, your new name will be longer than you are tall.
Mr. T Name Generator, The
Share some statistical information with the kindly Mr. T, then discover your calmly considered new name. From "Brunching Shuttlecocks."
Rocklopedia Fakebandica
From the Van Gogh-Goghs: "Finally, all the fictional bands and singers from TV and movies listed in one convenient, scarily obsessive place. Why? It's the Internet, stupid! The Internet was created for such things as this! And now we have almost hit the 600 mark!"
What's Your Spy Name?
From "Austin Powers in Goldmember," "Danger" is his middle name. Mine's "Daring." What's yours? Find out and create your special spy profile, too.
Ya-Ya Name Generator
Moviefone says, "Hey girl, you belong in the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, where strong-willed, independent women celebrate the elements that make them special. Tell us your real name and we'll deliver your new Ya-Ya identity." Also find it at the official pages for Warner Bros. "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" movie. Click the Ya-Ya section.
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