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Multimedia Comedy - Funny Online Audio, Video, Photographs, Cartoons

Multimedia Comedy sights and sounds online, including Sound Bites and Effects, Animated Web Cartoons, Funny Pictures, Late-Night TV Comedians' Monologues, plus other Audio and Video Comedy Internet resources.
Download Free Multimedia Plug-Ins
Much of the best comedy on the Internet requires Shockwave Flash, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, or other plug-ins. Don't be left out.
Spotlight on: Post-It Theatre
In Animated Web Cartoons: Nibble the scribbles of these tiny comedy movies drawn on pads of yellow sticky notes.
Spotlight on: The "Maggie" Sitcom, Created by Erma Bombeck
In TV Comedy Video Showing Online: The beloved American humorist developed and wrote one TV sitcom. Seven complete episodes of the 1981 series, starring Miriam Flynn, James Hampton, and Doris Roberts, are free to view at ErmaMuseum.org.
Spotlight on: Themepark Fashions
In Funny Pictures: Sure, a sweaty dweeb inside Mickey Mouse inside a tux somehow negates Mr. Blackwell's master plan, but what about the mere mortals and taste disasters shuffling through the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland? Hidden camera photographs provide laughs for us buff, nattily attired snobs.
Spotlight on: Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen
In Cartoons, Comic Strips & Animation: A different cartoon featured each day, plus more than a thousand others categorized by topics in Randy Glasbergen's archives. Plus, his syndicated comic strip, "The Better Half."
Spotlight on: "The Tony Mendez Show"
In Late-Night TV Comedy Multimedia: Short, priceless exchanges between David Letterman's cue card boy, Tony, and Stephanie, Dave's assistant. Large archive.
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