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The Albino Code - The Da Vinci Code Movie Spoof


Dennis Hurley is an actor and a person with albinism. He is concerned about the erroneous depictions of albinos in books and films, currently highlighted by Silas, the villain in the popular The Da Vinci Code products.
To help promote his cause, Hurley wrote and starred in a short satirical movie of Dan Brown's literary phenomenon. The good natured silliness incorporates many of the touchstones and the keystone from the mystery it parodies. There's a murder, a monk, a Tom Hanks, an Audrey Tautou, an Ian McKellen, a pizza, and that Mona Lisa -- eww, sheesh! -- smile.
    "Fun Fact From the Director (Aaron Howland): During the shoot, a random woman on the street told Dennis that he needed 'more white on his face' if he wanted to look like a real albino."
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