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'Wedding Crashers' Trailer Crashers

Insert Yourself Into the Owen Wilson - Vince Vaughn Comedy Movie


Mike Durrett and Lester Mike Durrett

About Humor Guide Mike Durrett and clone Lester Mike Durrett crash the "Wedding Crashers" trailer.

Long term readers of About Humor know I have a pair of real-time clones back at the house. Oh, it's been cute and all to have sullen ingrates around 24/7 to pelt me in the head with beer cans, both empty and frosty full. But, as usual, Lester is bored and looking for the next big thing.

(Connie's off at one of those combo video rental stores and tanning salons, catching up on Smurfs and leathery cellulite.)

Lester, who, frankly, has some split personality issues, wants to be in the movies. He insisted I use my connections to break into Hollywood and make him a star. I said, "Okay, if you promise to only pelt me with soft drinks, maybe the occasional sponge oozing with Snapple."

I bruise.

He sniveled for an hour and eventually relented. I powered up the trusty Internet connection. Within moments, Lester and I had *broken into* the "Wedding Crashers" movie site. That's the comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. We inserted ourselves into the preview of coming attractions trailer, after hacking away for a few minutes.

Lester is quite good in this film. He may be the next James Bond or Hilary Duff. We'll see after the body wax and the crunk lessons.

Watch: Mike Durrett and Lester Mike Durrett in "Wedding Crashers", then crash your own trailer!

Important!: Use Internet Explorer to experience the full effects.

"Wedding Crashers" Trailer Crashers Requires Macromedia Flash: Free Downloads

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