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Mother's Day Humor

Fun with Mom and fun by moms. Every day is Mother's Day on this mother of all humor pages.
Mother's Day - The Photograph Video
Mother's Day - The Photograph Video
Mom Rules!
A mother's work is never done and neither are her instructions to her adult child. Big boy Humor Guide Mike Durrett on universal Momisms.
Humorous Mothers
Erma Bombeck
The Lighter Side of Breastfeeding
Lori Borgman
Mommarama.com by Susan Kawa
Cathy Morelli
"Momma" comic strip by Mell Lazarus
Amy's Answering Machine
Listen to the telephone messages from mom found on Amy's Answering Machine.
Anne Geddes Baby Photographs and Ecards
Nothing says "Mother" like a baby.
"Maggie" Sitcom, Created by Erma Bombeck, The
The great motherhood humorist produced a TV comedy series which is available to view online.
You Know You're a Mom When...
"Your feet stick to grape jelly on the kitchen floor ... and you don't care."
"You're willing to kiss your child's boo-boo, regardless of what body part it happens to be on."
"Your kid throws up and you catch it."
See the entire cute list in the Humor Forum.
Mothers Cartoons
From Cartoonbank.com, classy cartoon panels from the pages of "The New Yorker."
Spite, Mother
Mother's Day Cards You Wish You Had the Guts to Send, from Modern Humorist.
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