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It's Only Jerry Lewis

Watching That Kid


10 Paramount Jerry Lewis Comedies on DVD
Mike's Mailbag

Dateline: 10/22/04

''Question: One of my most favorite Jerry Lewis movies is called 'It's Only Money.' However, I cannot seem to purchase this movie title. Has this movie ever been released on VHS or DVD for public viewing and if so, how do I locate the movie for purchasing? If not, do you have any information on when this movie might be aired on televison with date, time and channel?"

Ah, the elusive "It's Only Money." One of my favorites, too, and, as far as I know, it has never been released in any form on home video in the USA. Several of Jerry's most popular solo films and many with Dean Martin have never been marketed -- and a few others not since the late '70s. An amazing oversight, considering his movies were hugely successful and top money makers in their times. The buzz is the Lewis product kept Paramount Pictures afloat for many years, too.

I haven't seen "It's Only Money" scheduled on television in a long time. Check TV-Now for a monthly listing of the Jerry Lewis films on national TV.

That said, in case you don't know, Paramount released 10 Jerry Lewis comedies on DVD recently, several with new commentaries by him, outtakes, trailers, bloopers, and other archival materials. Yippee! There's a special edition "The Nutty Professor," plus "The Bellboy," "The Patsy," "The Errand Boy," "Cinderfella," "The Delicate Delinquent," "The Disorderly Orderly," and "The Family Jewels" among them. All are properly presented in Widescreen versions, except Martin and Lewis' "The Stooge," which predates the format.

I'm salivating to get the letterboxed "The Ladies' Man." The first 60 minutes of that one is Jerry's funniest hour. Just great. I've seen it a zillion times, but he still floors me.

It's a shame these movies are not shown in theatres, although I was thrilled to see "Money From Home" in 3-D last year, trekking cross-country 2000 miles for the opportunity.

I'm hoping these nicely packaged DVDs sell a bunch, so Paramount will release the other 23 Jerry Lewis titles they largely control. I already possessed the films in my collection and I also possess absolutely no sales resistance. We purchased the batch. Ahem, it's only money.

I found in-store copies of the DVDs at $9.99 each, a $50 savings over the suggested retail prices.

Now, for the gut-wrenching bad news: These DVDs are my Christmas presents and will go into mothballs for several months. %$@#!&**#@!


Personally, the fresh disc extras are very tantalizing. I've loved these movies since childhood, when there was a new Jerry Lewis comedy released each year at Christmas. It'll be like old times, Dec. 25, when I'm released into these treasures.

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