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Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Nothing short of a mirth quake, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis romped onto stages, into radios, televisions, and movies, grasping a joyous, adoring public by farce. Together for 10 years, the most successful comedy team ever, and on their way to becoming THE ACT of the 20th century, but unbridled bitterness stopped the magic. Then, they did it again, resurging as singular phenomenons.
Top 10 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Comedy Movies
From 1949 to 1956, the partnership of Martin & Lewis was the biggest thing in movie entertainment. Sixteen funny features, we select the best.
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Filmography
Details on the Martin & Lewis comedy team's films together, from Internet Movie Database.
Martin and Lewis Hell: "The Caddy" Bloopers and Outtakes
The wild men become naughty boys during this infamous recording session of the radio commercials for Dean & Jerry's "The Caddy."
"The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis" Comics
The true testament of the power of the Martin and Lewis juggernaut of fame was their appearances in a series of DC Comics books from July/August 1952 through October, 1957 (Jerry would continue the adventures by himself). The Original Jerry Lewis Unofficial Homepage displays all 40 M&L covers, plus a list of collectibles and a few photos. Neue Seite 2 also presents the comic covers.
"The Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Show"
From 1948 to 1953, Martin and Lewis shared the radio microphone to broadcast a situation comedy/variety series loosely based on themselves. Here's a listing of air dates and guest stars appearing on the program, compiled by the Original Jerry Lewis Unauthorized Home Page. This page at Neue Seite 2 offers additional information on the broadcasts.
Dean and Jerry TV Shows
Neue Seite 2 presents listings and photographs of Martin and Lewis television appearances, including their popular "Colgate Comedy Hour" specials.
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Movies: Posters and Stills
Whee! Click on the links for each movie title to see a nice assortment of Martin and Lewis posters from around the world, usually featuring different art than the American versions. Also, numerous film shots are reproduced at Neue Seite 2, in German and English.
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis: More Posters and Stills
Another assortment of pictures, including a very nice portrait of the men and an endorsement advertisement for Chesterfield Cigarettes. From Jerry Lewis On Line.
Find Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on TV
Visit listings for each star to uncover Martin and Lewis schedules. TV-Now has monthly USA listings for Dean and Jerry.
Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and Store
Jerry's personal shrine includes pieces with Dean, but you'll need to hunt for them; some material is shared in each department. As of this writing, the Clips and Bits section does not appear to be operative, which is a shame because it includes original trailers and nightclub footage of Martin and Lewis.
Martin and Lewis Magazine Ads
Similar to the movie posters, these advertisements offer interesting glimpses into the marketing of the comedians. From Neue Seite 2.
Martin and Lewis Magazine Covers
Dozens of images of Jerry magazine appearances, many with Dean, are on display at Neue Seite 2.
Martin and Lewis Memorabilia Auctions
Current online auctions at eBay. Find rare Dean and Jerry items, posters, movies, records, etc. A good place to look at photographs, too.
Martin and Lewis Movie Poster Gallery
Fourteen rarely seen foreign theatre posters show different advertising approaches to the duo. From Neue Seite 2.
Martin and Lewis Multimedia
A rare online find, several video clips of Dean and Jerry appearing at New York's Copacabana nightclub and "Singin' in the Rain" from the "Colgate Comedy Hour" on TV. These segments are presented by orchestra leader Dick Stabile's Tribute Site, along with a few behind the scenes pictures.
Martin and Lewis Portraits
More than a dozen posed shots of the team can be seen on this page which also includes numerous pictures of Jerry by himself. From Neue Seite 2.
Martin and Lewis Press Clippings
Two interesting articles: A 1950 review of Dean and Jerry's act at the Copacabana and a 1959 feud follow-up, courtesy of Craig's Big Bands and Big Names.
Martin and Lewis: Biographical Sketch and Photographs
How they met and the early days of the act, recalled by The Dean Martin Fan Center. Plus, still photos from their movies and a brief look at the fellas' radio show.
Revisiting a Fabled, Doomed Partnership
From "The New York Times," this 2002 article surrounds the productions of the "Martin and Lewis" biopic for television, but includes background into the team's relationship with recent comments by Jerry Lewis. (Free registration may be required.)
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