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Current Topical Jokes - One-Liners

In this section of the Joke Files, topical and current events oriented jokes can be found. If a big star shows an indelicate body part or Osama bin Laden gets that sex change operation, here's where you might find one-liners, quips, and related comedic remarks.
Today's Late-Night TV Comedy Shows Jokes & Multimedia
Numerous sources of quotes from Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Craig Kilborn, and Jon Stewart.
Funny Firm: New Jokes, The
At this radio show prep site for deejays, you'll find topical gags of various quality and taste, but you'll also uncover solid laughs and ad-libs to amuse your friends. Online postings lag several weeks from paid subscriber access.
Argus Hamilton
A daily dozen or so (except Saturday) top-notch topical one-liners by this stand-up vet. His witty takes on the news are often quoted in "The Los Angeles Times" and by Paul Harvey.
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