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Humor: Today's Jokes

Why settle for one Joke of the Day when there are scores of gags to be enjoyed in these smiley, updating Joke Files. Most of the sites listed below promise to replenish the laughs with new comedy material multiple times each week.

Visit these other updating Humor: Today pages ... This Day in Humor | Humor Entertainment News | News Satire | The Funny Site of the Day | Sounds | TV | Late-Nite TV | Movies | Home Video / DVD | Comic Strips
Read fresh thoughts for the day in the style of ''Saturday Night Live'' writer Jack Handey.
AhaJokes Joke of the Day
Not only is there a Joke of the Day, but there are also JOTDs in several dozen specific topic areas, like Blonde Jokes, Golf Jokes, Bar Jokes, Military Jokes, Animal Jokes, Ethnic Jokes, Light Bulb Jokes, Gender Jokes, Redneck Jokes, Office Jokes, School Jokes, and yada yada yada Jokes.
AskMen Joke of the Day
Updated seven days weekly with a handy archive to recent selections. Occasionally, cartoons replace the text jokes. Although we spotted no controversial material, some might care to note the source is a men's magazine.
From Canada, a Monday through Friday medley of jokes. A small archive for the past week is maintained in case you missed some bits.
Daily Dose, The
At least one joke is posted to this Weblog of funny stories nearly every day. A huge archive of previous jokes is maintained, too.
A different gag, and sometimes a photograph, is featured daily.
Good Clean Fun
Promising to be a haven for family audiences, this site shuns vulgarity and profanity. Five gags, a joke for each weekday, are posted in a batch.
Good Clean Funnies List
Another joke comes your way daily.
Grif.net - Clean Jokes and Christian Humor
Daily entries and a big archive feature gags and occasional inspirational messages from Grif.net, "Putting the 'fun' back into fundamentalism."
Joke A Day
Ray Owens presents somewhat adult, traditional style stories -- you know, a nun, The Exorcist, and a giant purple rabbit are modeling jet skis... That stuff.
Today's Joke, often one-liners, and a searchable gag archive, hosted by Comedy Central.
Lame Humor List, The
Several jokes are packaged together Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekend, thanks to Absolute Robeo. There's a big archive nearby, also.
rec.humor.funny Online
For your convenience, the popular moderated joke newsgroup posts its daily gags on the Net. Additionally, each item is notated, in advance, as to offensive material.
Rodney Dangerfield Joke of the Day
You know, he really is exceptional, a strong craftsman and talent. This is his own sound, text and video site. But do I respect him? Ask me in the morning.
ThirdAge Joke of the Day
Promising the cleanest jokes on the Net every day.
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